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We help marketers to orchestrate and deliver analytics-driven, relevant and personalized customer communications across email, direct mail, social, survey, mobile and web channels.

The digital revolution has had a profound impact on many traditional industries, and marketing is no exception. While the fundamental principles of marketing have remained largely unchanged, tools, processes, systems, and even media have changed radically and rapidly - and it's not over yet.

Even if your company has already transformed your marketing operations to use digital technology, trying to keep abreast of the rapid changes to ensure that you remain competitive is a difficult and time-consuming necessity, one that invariably distracts from your core mission: marketing. In this situation, partnering with a solid information technology services company, whose core competence is keeping up with the ever-evolving tech landscape, makes good business sense.

First Line Software Experience

First Line Software is an established high-tech services company with a solid track record of helping clients in a variety of industries since 2009. Our core competence is software engineering and information technology. We understand that transitioning from a traditional service company to a software-oriented company is a disruptive undertaking that affects every aspect, from human resources through basic corporate infrastructure. Our core philosophy revolves around developing partnering relationships with our clients to minimize the disruption and pave the way for the smooth transition.

With the rapid pace of change in information technology, time is critical, and unless you are sitting atop years of locked-in revenue streams, you may not have time to learn how to do software engineering well enough to ensure long-term success in the new paradigm - and in trying to do that, you risk losing focus on the core business that has made you competitive in the Marketing space. We can help you make sure that your investments in software and information technology deliver an optimal return.

We serve

  • Marketing agencies and service providers
  • Corporate marketing organizations
  • Marketing technology providers
  • Cloud service providers

We specialize in

  • Cross-channel orchestration
  • Ad hoc customer analysis and data visualization tools
  • Automated, cross-channel, multi-wave campaigns
  • Data mapping
  • Business analysis & systems development
  • Agile software development
  • Software testing and test engineering
  • Software integration

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If your company could use the added expertise and resources of a highly capable IT services partner for your technology initiatives in Marketing, First Line Software stands ready to help. Why not contact us today for a free initial consultation?

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If your company could use the added expertise and resources of a highly capable IT services partner for your technology initiatives in Marketing, First Line Software stands ready to help.

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