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Industrial Internet

Many industry analysts and leaders agree that another industrial revolution is underway. Various names have been applied, but the most prevalent seems to be Industry 4.0.

“Real and virtual worlds are literally colliding at the juncture of the Internet of Things (IoT), embedded software, social networking, and autonomous decision-making.
The driving forces today that make Industry 4.0 viable include: punctuated innovation; virtualization; shrinking globalization product lifecycles; and a burgeoning use of embedded software. The industrial segment is shifting toward digital manufacturing. This has been evidenced by 3D printing, which will eventually enable mass customization in the industrial world.”
Carolyn Mathas, Dec 2, 2013 EDN

Definitions abound, but at the root, it can be described as “the  Internet of Things (IoT) applied to manufacturing.” We can roughly define it as beginning when more innovation and variation in physical products comes from software than from hardware.

Software: The Key to I4.0 Survival

In manufacturing, software can no longer be just an afterthought. It’s part of the game. In many respects, it is the game. Your competitors are innovating and differentiating with software more and more every day. It revolution, not evolution. And in a revolution, only a few survive.

If you are a product company whose expertise is production of physical goods, you probably don’t need us to tell you that software has invaded your world. You know you need innovation and variation through software. You may even have some super ideas for building software into your product line. But you suspect (and rightly) that by the time you are able ramp up software engineering expertise in your company, your competitors will have scored heavily against you.

How to Survive the Industrial Internet Revolution

One of your options is to partner with a company that has established an extensive track record with a wide variety of software engineering services with many companies in different industries. If you go that route, it's vitally important to work with a proven, reliable outsourcing partner you can count on to keep abreast of the technology side… one who shares in the risks as well as the successes, helping you to focus on your core business.

At First Line Software, we believe it's not the the tools, technologies, platforms, or methodology that make successful software engineering. It's the way PEOPLE work together to utilize all of those things. Our core philosophy combines...

The art of developing IT solutions for businesses... and the art of building reliable partnerships. Nick Puntikov, CEO First Line Software

With every project, with every client, we are always mindful of BOTH aspects: the best application of the best technology for the need, and building partnerships with those to whom we provide software engineering services.

Shall We Talk?

Rather than spend more time perusing web pages to understand how First Line Software can help you, why not contact us now for a free consultation? Our experts will listen to your needs and work with you to craft a plan that takes you where you need to go in the industrial internet.

About Us

First Line Software is a premier provider of custom software development, technology enablement services and value-add consulting in big data engineering, digitalization, intellectual integration, industrial Internet, and IoT, digital media and marketing, and enterprise content management as well as healthcare IT.

Headquartered in the US, First Line employs 500+ staff globally. First Line team and company culture is centered around subject matter expertise, technical excellence, consulting capabilities and proven methodologies, with a strong focus on Agile and Intellectual Integration.

The company has been recognized with multiple annual rankings and awards by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), Global Services, CorporateLiveWire, Insights Success and CNews. We were the first to be awarded the Scrum Capability Medallion by Scrum, Inc. Most recently, research firm Gartner included FirstLine in their first ever Market Guide for Technology Integrators (2014) and the Cool Vendor in Applications Services 2015 Report. We are active members in Object Management Group and Industrial Internet Consortium. FLS is also an EPiServer Premium Solutions Partner.