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We help eCommerce and retailing clients manage operational transition to software oriented sales and marketing.

Transitioning from a traditional retailing company to a software-oriented retailing company is a huge undertaking that affects every business aspect, from human resources through basic corporate infrastructure. With the rapid pace of change in information technology, time is critical, and unless you are sitting atop years of locked-in revenue streams, you may not have time to learn how to do software engineering well enough to ensure long-term retailing success in this new paradigm - and in trying to do that, you risk losing focus on the core business that made you competitive in the retail industry in the first place. 

First Line Software Experience

First Line Software is a well-established software development services company with a solid track record of helping clients in a variety of industries, including eCommerce and retailing, since 2009. We keep abreast of the latest in technology and we can work with you to find the best way to apply it to keep your focus on your core retail business.

We can augment the resources of client organizations with highly qualified engineering and business resources, and our delivery methodologies are tailored to address specific client business processes and workflows. We have also forged industry partnerships with leading tech companies such as EPiServer, to provide implementation and integration services.

We Serve

  • Marketing supply chain providers
  • Retail eCommerce vendors

We specialize in

  • eCommerce solutions based on leading open-source and proprietary platforms such as EPiServer
  • CRM and marketing systems
  • Asset management solutions
  • Big Data analysis and business intelligence
  • System updates, modernizations and enhancements
  • Enterprise software development, testing and maintenance services

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First Line Software is a well-established software development services company with a solid track record of helping clients in eCommerce and retailing, since 2009.

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