Our client is a publicly-traded company and one of the largest auction house. It’s mission is to be the primary venue for the privatization auctions of large objects of property for special government tenders, while also servicing private auctions for art, land, real estate, etc.


Our client is a publicly traded company and one of the largest auction house. It’s mission is to be the primary venue for the privatization auctions of large objects of property for special government tenders, while also servicing private auctions for art, land, real estate, etc.

The Challenge

First Line was engaged by the client to build a new version of the auction engine that could facilitate the entire range of the various types of auctions (English auctions, Dutch auctions, reserve/no reserve, etc.). The existing auction engine’s performance was no longer adequate for supporting large numbers of participants and bids and could not properly support all of the auction types that the client wanted to conduct.

First Line's Solution

The new platform developed by the First Line team of experts includes both the online auction engine and the support for the auction hall functionality, as well as mixed auctions where participants can bid in person in the auction hall, as well as by phone and via the web.

Dedicated mobile applications were also developed (for iOS and Android) that support logging into one’s account on the website, viewing the status of lots/bids, and placing bids for auctions where the user is registered. Registering for new auctions may not always be possible from a mobile device because by local law, in order to register for some auctions it may be required to use a certified electronic signature, a technology that is not supported on the mobile platforms.

The system uses sharding to achieve database-level horizontal scalability. Initially designed for clustering, the system minimizes server-side session state storage to reduce replication. The platform uses Solr for full text search, CSP/JСP for electronic signature functionality, and Jaspersoft BI tools for reporting.


The client’s functional and performance requirements have been successfully met. Extensive testing of the system deployed on two nodes of the cluster using two shards has achieved the performance of 1,000 queries per second. The throughput between application servers and the database was revealed to be the most serious performance bottleneck, which was easily rectified by adding more shards. End users can now participate in the auctions from their mobile devices.

Team size: 8
Total effort: 60 person-months

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Client References

I want to express my gratitude for all of your team’s hard work, support and extra help. We are very grateful for all that you have done for us.

Senior Project Manager, a U.S. specialty digital design and web development agency

Your quality of work is exceptional, and your flexible approach has allowed us to build and deploy a large amount of complex functionality in a very short space of time. Kudos to everyone for their professionalism and for delivering results that exceeded our expectations.

CEO, leading social media analytics provider

We have never had a better release that we can think of. And that is all because of your hard and dedicated work. So here is a big THANK YOU to everyone from all of us!

Editor, leading Scandinavian newspaper

For a software vendor like ourselves, picking the right development partner is crucial. First Line’s technical expertise and solid project management, coupled with their proficiency in Agile methodologies, have made them an integral part of our product development group.

VP Product Development, leading enterprise software vendor

Our First Line Team has been doing a great job. All of the guys check in great code, and they have a forward thinking mindset, not a feature-to-feature approach. They are also very open in terms of sharing knowledge, which is critical to running productive distributed teams.

Application Development Director, global marketing company

We've all learned a lot from you, and it is great working with you.

Application Development Director, global marketing company

The First Line team has an excellent process and we can learn from your team and improve.

Product Owner, Strategic Software Consultancy

I would like to thank the First Line development team for their dedication and high level of quality in their work. Despite being thousands of miles apart, we have been able to work quickly, effectively, and intelligently. Your team has been a major part of why we have been successful thus far.

VP Engineering, e-learning startup

First Line is a great technology partner capable of delivering complex, ‘industrial grade’ projects. They have demonstrated strong technical competence and solid understanding of the media and publishing domain. We have also been very impressed by the management team's attention to our needs and commitment to our success.

CEO, leading European digital media company

Your effort is the #1 reason that this project is going so well. I've worked with a lot of teams over the years and there are very few teams that I trust and respect. When you are given a task or feature, I never have to worry whether or not it will be accomplished on time and I never worry about the quality - you always deliver.

Architect, Strategic Software Consultancy

The team we put together in the last half of this year is one of the most productive, skilled and enjoyable I’ve ever worked on. It’s great to see the product brought to life, and I’m proud to work with all you folks.

Senior Architect, Fortune 100 company

The First Line Software team is professional, results driven, and proactive. I know that when we provide requirements for new functionality, they will not only deliver on the scope of what has been asked but will look beyond and give insight into how we can make our product even better. It has been a privilege to work with First Line Software, and I look forward to continuing our partnership in future.

VP, global marketing company
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