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Download Case Study: Risk management system for a global airline company

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Java Software Development Services


Java is one of the core technologies most demanded by our customers. Therefore, it is one of the most represented skillsets at First Line Software. Our Java experts have delivered hundreds of projects ranging from small applications to very large enterprise systems.

We have over 100 Java specialists in our ranks. Our Java sofware development teams with engineers certified by Oracle are highly skilled in creating:

  • Enterprise client-server applications
  • Web-based applications
  • Rich-client applications
  • Desktop applications. 

What It Takes To Do Java

To implement successful Java-based software solutions it’s not enough to have a strong knowledge of the Java programming language. You also need proficiency with:

  • Frameworks like Spring
  • Components and libraries such as Hibernate, JOOQ, etc.
  • Experience in building overall solution architecture.

Solution architectures became very complex. This fact demands the necessity to manage them. First Line Software also has a strong skillset in DevOps. Managing infrastructure as a code with tools like DockerKubernetes, and Helm is the de facto standard at our company.

First Line Software has rich experience in building microservice architectures that are responding exactly to challenges that our customers are facing. 

Microservice architectures enable robust, low downtime, highly scalable solutions, while proper picking of persistence subsystems (e.g. whether to use search indices like Elastic Search or not) enables high performance of the applications.

Java has a rich open-source ecosystem, which means that it is actively supported and constantly updated by hundreds of highly skilled professional developers who continue to enhance and expand them. 

We are actively involved with the global Java developer ecosystem, and we track these developments to keep abreast of new technology and features, so as to be ready to leverage them for our clients.

For example, a lot of our Spring solutions incorporate Spring Kotlin API. Kotlin programming language features enable bulletproof solutions. Null safety eliminates null pointer exceptions at compile time. Coroutines result in more maintainable reactive code.

Enterprise Software Security

Security is an important aspect of enterprise systems development. We have accumulated significant expertise in this area working with healthcare companies, banks, and other organizations with high-security requirements.

First Line Software experience in security include proper usage of existing technologies:

  • Java Cryptography API
  • XML-DSig

We also implement custom Spring Security Managers and advanced role models using industry-standard technologies like OAuth2, JWT, etc.

How we work

We combine the best methodologies to create an efficient, transparent, predictable, and controllable process. Read more on our processes, engagement, and pricing models.

Download Case Study: Risk management system for a global airline company

To find out more about our Java development services and capabilities, contact us today

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