First Line Software development services in this category cover a wide array of situations and scenarios. We are not a “system integrator” in the usual sense, although we have done such integrations for clients. But the scope is often for more than just integrating some software with some other software.

We Tackle the Tough Jobs

Intellectual Integration addresses the primary challenges of business digitalization through critical thinking, insight, and horizontal engineering expertise across multiple verticals and technologies. Taking this approach brings clarity to the best way forward and helps accelerate the process of transformation.

In this area of our services we tackle some of the toughest projects in IT services. Basically, they involve an existing system that needs to incorporate something new and have everything function together seamlessly. In effect, our clients are able to reduce ‘technical debt’, because we are familiar with older applications and can leverage pre-existing CAPEX investments. Projects might include:

  • Development of new system component(s) that must integrate and/or interoperate with others, which may exist, be new, or both.
  • Expansion of existing system capabilities with functionality that requires a different technology platform.
  • Enhancement of existing system components’ features to replace outdated technology so that it is compatible with future development plans.
  • Customization of a third-party solution is needed to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Integration, interoperability and/or data exchange between existing systems of different divisions, or a new acquisition.
An Intellectual Integration Success Story

A national passenger rail service needed a new system to manage a new customer loyalty initiative. The new system had to be able to integrate with, and/or exchange data with existing systems for reservations and ticketing, marketing management, accounting, company website and more. In some cases, an older existing system’s features and functionality had to be migrated to newer technology.

First Line Software’s clients have learned that they can bring their toughest IT integration and expansion jobs to us because we have the breadth and depth of technical knowledge and skills combined with a successful track record with a wide variety of projects in different types of businesses in a variety of industries. And they know that we will always work closely with them to ensure that the needs are fully understood, and that the resulting system fully meets them.

Where It All Comes Together

These kinds of projects, where the “old” must merge with and embrace the “new”, require expertise and skills from just about every type of team we have. Once we know the project scope and requirements, we form a “tiger team” of experts who possess the relevant knowledge and experience to achieve the business transformation. Such teams may involve:

  • Business and systems analysis
  • Requirements management and engineering
  • Network and system administration
  • Specialists in specific IT technologies or platforms
  • System architecture design
  • Programming language specialists
  • User experience specialists
  • User Interface (UI) and visual design
  • Technical writing and documentation
  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Marketing Management and Communications

Bring It On!

If you’re facing a tough project that involves different systems, technologies, etc. that must all work seamlessly together, let’s talk. We’ve successfully handled projects that were too tough for others. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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Client References

I want to express my gratitude for all of your team’s hard work, support and extra help. We are very grateful for all that you have done for us.

Senior Project Manager, a U.S. specialty digital design and web development agency

Your quality of work is exceptional, and your flexible approach has allowed us to build and deploy a large amount of complex functionality in a very short space of time. Kudos to everyone for their professionalism and for delivering results that exceeded our expectations.

CEO, leading social media analytics provider

We have never had a better release that we can think of. And that is all because of your hard and dedicated work. So here is a big THANK YOU to everyone from all of us!

Editor, leading Scandinavian newspaper

For a software vendor like ourselves, picking the right development partner is crucial. First Line’s technical expertise and solid project management, coupled with their proficiency in Agile methodologies, have made them an integral part of our product development group.

VP Product Development, leading enterprise software vendor

Our First Line Team has been doing a great job. All of the guys check in great code, and they have a forward thinking mindset, not a feature-to-feature approach. They are also very open in terms of sharing knowledge, which is critical to running productive distributed teams.

Application Development Director, global marketing company

We've all learned a lot from you, and it is great working with you.

Application Development Director, global marketing company

The First Line team has an excellent process and we can learn from your team and improve.

Product Owner, Strategic Software Consultancy

I would like to thank the First Line development team for their dedication and high level of quality in their work. Despite being thousands of miles apart, we have been able to work quickly, effectively, and intelligently. Your team has been a major part of why we have been successful thus far.

VP Engineering, e-learning startup

First Line is a great technology partner capable of delivering complex, ‘industrial grade’ projects. They have demonstrated strong technical competence and solid understanding of the media and publishing domain. We have also been very impressed by the management team's attention to our needs and commitment to our success.

CEO, leading European digital media company

Your effort is the #1 reason that this project is going so well. I've worked with a lot of teams over the years and there are very few teams that I trust and respect. When you are given a task or feature, I never have to worry whether or not it will be accomplished on time and I never worry about the quality - you always deliver.

Architect, Strategic Software Consultancy

The team we put together in the last half of this year is one of the most productive, skilled and enjoyable I’ve ever worked on. It’s great to see the product brought to life, and I’m proud to work with all you folks.

Senior Architect, Fortune 100 company

The First Line Software team is professional, results driven, and proactive. I know that when we provide requirements for new functionality, they will not only deliver on the scope of what has been asked but will look beyond and give insight into how we can make our product even better. It has been a privilege to work with First Line Software, and I look forward to continuing our partnership in future.

VP, global marketing company
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Fully automated Archive and Logistics Center for Bank

First Line Software automated the Archive and Logistics Center (ALC), which occupied 53,000 square meters. It is the largest warehousing automation project in Eastern Europe. The challenging fact is that the ALC employees have no physical access to the storage areas and the entire process of archive operations is fully automated.

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Developing A Large-Scale Passenger Loyalty Platform

First Line was engaged by a system integration firm as part of a larger IT transformation program for the end client, one of the world’s largest passenger railroad carriers.

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Content Management Platform For Global Publisher

Starting in 1804 as a small bookstore and publishing firm, Bonnier Group is now a multichannel media company with experience and knowledge from a full range of media in 175 companies across 16 countries.

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Development process

project scope

1-2 days

We discuss: project and business objectives
We provide: business analysts who assess current business processes and systems to identify specific gaps and areas for improvement
You provide: critical knowledge of your tasks and objectives


Gather requirements

2 days - 1 week

We discuss: general requirements of IT solution
We apply: proven methodologies and expertise for collecting requirements
You provide: subject matter experts on key issues


Brainstorm and select best potential solutions

Timeframe - individual

We present: potential solutions for your IT project
We provide: expertise in available technologies and recommendations for solutions and define implementation costs
You decide: which solution First Line will build and deliver


Define cooperation model + agreement on contract terms

1-2 weeks

We explore: cooperation models most suitable for you
We offer: proposals for various options
You choose: the most comfortable model for your company




We discuss: detailed requirements for implementation
We activate: a team of exceptional developers and testers who use best-in-class methodologies
You receive: process transparency, regular demo versions, solution that meets your business objectives


Project acceptance, testing


We review: whether the end deliverable meets the business objectives
We provide: solution release version, installation and configuration management services, staff training
You receive: IT-solution that achieves your business objective

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