We have developed delivery methodologies that are tailored to address specific business processes and workflows for our clients – Healthcare institutions and companies.

Clinical Systems

We have extensive experience with clinical system implementations for our clients.

Healthcare Systems Integration

We have integrated clinical and practice management systems using a variety of standard and proprietary methods and protocols including HL7, X12, RESTful and SOAP Web Services. We are working with our Infrastructure partners and medical device vendors on the implementation of the interfaces using emerging HL7 FHIR standard.

A significant number of our implementations rely on Ensemble/HealthShare integration infrastructure from InterSystems. Technologies from Intersystems are prevalent in Health IT; they are at the core of numerous national and international Health Information Exchanges, healthcare institutional IT infrastructures and commercial systems. First Line Software is an Intersystems partner.

Mobile and Wearable Technologies

First Line Software has been involved in a number of product and solution implementations with mobile and wearable technologies within the Health IT space and beyond. Specifically, these solutions include mobile apps and wearable medical devices that integrate with EHR and Practice Management Systems.

Data Management & Analytics

Healthcare institutions today are in possession of a vast amount of data that results from deployment and usage of EHR systems. Analytics and data management can drive significant improvements in patient care and provider efficiencies if the available data is properly organized and normalized. We have been helping our clients aggregate and unify their data sources and have been providing data analytics for research and operational purposes.

Clinical Knowledge Management and Decision Support

Our engineering and knowledge management teams are working on a number of long-term projects with researchers and Medical Informaticians developing Clinical Knowledge repositories, coded medical terminology services and decision support systems.

We are active members of the OHDSI.org open source community working to standardize the representation of the medical observational data and have developed tools for transforming proprietary data.

How we help clients succeed

  • Horizontal engineering expertise across multiple verticals and technologies. Technological integrity, intellectual integration.
  • Continuous monitoring of the evolving technology market. As active members of the Industrial Internet Consortium and the Object Management Group, we help develop industry standards for the IoT in Healthcare.
  • We have accumulated expertise in related areas (portals, e-learning, VMS, etc.) and standards (HL7, HIPAA-compliance). We have extensive knowledge and experience with products from Intersystems, Inc - a dominant Healthcare technology and infrastructure company.

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We have developed delivery methodologies that are tailored to address specific business processes and workflows for our clients – Healthcare institutions and companies.

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