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Mobile application for smart device interoperability

The client produced a concept of a truly innovative wrist watch for the consumer market.


Our client is an American watch company promoting a distinctive watch line.


The client produced a concept of a truly innovative wrist watch for the consumer market. This watch assists users in saving and remembering the most noteworthy moments of their lives. The device is equipped with an e-ink display and a special button to push when something significant occurs. When a user pushes the button, the display records an event. Up to five events per month can be recorded. A step-by-step image similar to an infographic is displayed to visualize the intensity of user’s life for the month.

The watch operates with a smartphone; the events control and editing are performed by a mobile application developed by First Line Software.


The mobile application is powered by both the iOS and Android platforms and facilitates interoperability between the watch and smartphone over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol. The app connects the user’s watch and smartphone to add and edit events, add photos, descriptions, and geolocation, and finally, share events with other users.

A BLE Testing Suite production control system was developed as part of the project. The watches are manufactured in China and the system implemented at the production site provides one hundred percent testing of the products.


Our client products are being actively promoted to the American consumer market.

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