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Development of Advanced Work History Management System

The client addressed us with a problem: a huge amount of data on production process was accumulated at the plant and was not used.


Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus is the sixth overseas plant of Hyundai Motor Company, the company’s first industrial enterprise in Russia. Investments in its construction and further development made over USD 600 million. Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus is the only foreign car manufacturer in Russia with full production turn-round. The production process of the plant includes pressing of big body panels, welding, body painting and vehicle assembly.


Storage and work history management system is a system allowing for storage of produced cars’ data. The level of data detail provides for prompt finding out which worker installed a certain part on a specific car. To obtain this solution the client needed development of an instrument for data integration from inner systems into the new system created by us. The storage and work history management system developed by First Line Software allows to easily analyze the data on production quality and quantity as well as to obtain data on each worker, his errors and achievements history.


The client addressed us with a problem: a huge amount of data on production process was accumulated at the plant and was not used. The decision was made concerning the parameters for analysis of these data and user-friendly presentation of the data. The client already had a vision of the system based on which we developed the concept of the future system.

The system was developed within the shortest time possible – three months. The solution was commissioned in several stages. Initially production structure was developed, staff trainings were performed, and after that the data were inserted in the system. Currently the solution is actively utilized at Hyundai plant and meets the high requirements in productivity and corporation security.

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The Advanced Work History Management System allowed user to quickly receive details about the cars produced and the employees involved in the process. The information is presented in the form of comparison graphs of different staff groups’ production quality. The system employs the workers administration option: automatic input of data on the time and place of their work, refresher training courses they had, times of in lieu, and sick leaves.

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