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Poultry farm warehouse automation

Аgricultural holding, a leading supplier of poultry in Ukraine. The company owns 5 poultry plants and 2 fowl farms.

A new agricultural complex of the Client is the biggest and the best technically equipped site of the holding. The agricultural complex occupies 100 hectares and provides for all the stages of chicken meat production including storage and packaging.

Project task

The customer decided upon creation of an automated continuous refrigeration system; availability of such system is a mandatory requirement for all the meat suppliers to EC countries. German company viastore systems was selected as the equipment and WMS supplier. Adjustment and customization work was provided by First Line Software, the official viastore representative in Russia and the CIS.

Project advance

Within a short time a cold-storage warehouse with up to -18°C temperature conditions for the best possible storage was built. Three viapal stacking cranes were installed in the storage area; these cranes provide for pallet placement and off-load to a 9-fold depth by means of a shuttle system. viad@t Warehouse Management System provides for monitor and control of all the warehousing processes with maximal accuracy and efficiency.

Project result

Robotized machinery performs all the work not only at the warehouse but throughout the entire refrigeration area. Product delivery from the packing department to the storage location is effected by means of a conveyor line. Placing of packaged products, search and transportation from the warehouse Poultry farm warehouse automation to the discharge zone for final shipment are performed by stacking robots.

Each pallet with packaged products is equipped with motion and temperature sensor thus allowing tracking the quality characteristics after the ex-warehouse dispatch up to delivery to the retail stores. Monitor and control are carried out by viad@t Warehouse Management System. Thanks to thorough preparation and design of the cold storage area performed by viastore specialists the project was implemented within six months.

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