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Accelerated Technical Excellence is a combination of Fluent Agile Model, eXtreme Programming Practices, and DevOps Best Practices. It is your key differentiator for digital transformation

First Line Software in collaboration with its Partners (boots on the ground boutique agile transformation advisory) provide comprehensive Agile and DevOps complex service – First Line Accelerated Technical Excellence, helping organizations in their digital transformation processes.

As a provider of Agile/DevOps services First Line Software will help you to achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.


  • Agile is wide known but not at all determined in all aspects
    • Agile with outsourcing partner is still a challenge for most organizations
    • Distributed agile is a continuous challenge
  • Organizations are looking for the following from software development partner
    • excellent quality resources
    • strong technical competency
    • business and industry knowledge
    • proven experience in distributed agile
  • Defined as the most optimal by Gartner D-model for role distribution client and software development partner is not optimal but a compromise to address agile definition ambiguity

It results in a lack of contracts that are client value based.

What it is all about

Accelerated Technical Excellence is a combination of few highly appreciated though decades of our Agile experience approaches.

How Accelerated Technical Excellence helps to our clients

Accelerated Technical Excellence gives three competitive advantages to buyer organization:

  1. Combined consulting effort from First Line (Focusing and Delivering excellence) and our Boutique Agile Transformation partners in your region (Focusing and Optimizing excellence) gives common vocabulary and enables the ground for value based contracts and move to D’ model when key roles on client side supported Accelerated Technical Excellence coaches and role model Accelerated Technical Excellence execution provided by software development partner
  2. Save time that requires for developing your own Focusing and Delivering capabilities by hiring turnkey agile teams upskilled to Delivery phase performance. Overall saved time may be up to 2.5 years (2-6 months for Focusing phase and 3-24 months for Delivering phase)
  3. First Line Accelerated Technical Excellence creates the giant leap into the best in class ways of creating software and set your digital transformation journey to ultimate successWhat are the next steps to Accelerated Technical Excellence engagement

Talk to us and we will be happy to provide you our Accelerated Technical Excellence service!

Typical engagement starts from Accelerated Technical Excellence express audit and propose roadmap for partnership work on your digital transformation goals.

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VP, Content, Commerce & Digital Experience Practice Lead — Greater Boston Area

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VP of Sales, East Coast — Groton, Massachusetts

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VP of Sales, West Coast — Irvine, California

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VP Sales — the Netherlands

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VP Sales — Scandinavia

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VP Sales — Israel

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UK Business Development