Tap into the Value of
Implementing Big Data
Analytics Solutions

Big Data is considered a strategic asset for many companies today. While some companies have met the basic requirements for data management analytics, many still face the challenges of how to manage high volumes of unstructured data and extract key insights. They need to develop cost-effective and secure solutions with the right tools and systems that address specific business needs and deliver more value to customers.

Data Engineer,
Data Scientist or Both?

Further complicating their efforts is confusion over roles and responsibilities. Companies have invested in hiring data scientists only to find that there are still gaps. The primary function of a data scientist is to analyze the integrated data and identify the valuable and actionable insights. Yet they often spend a disproportionate amount of time on data preparation – up to 80%. They still need data engineers who are equipped to prepare the “big data” infrastructure, organize the data to make it easily accessible, and optimize the performance of a big data ecosystem.

Leave the Big Data Heavy-lifting to Us

First Line’s Big Data Engineering team delivers a comprehensive range of services that can help your company stay ahead of the curve. They have extensive experience and expertise in managing data on a physical infrastructure level. Our team of highly trained analysts can analyze relevant data and draw value from it.

The First Line Software approach is like the “data-as-a-service” model. Think Big-Data-as-a-Service - BDaaS. Adopting this model relieves your company of the up-front costs associated with managing large quantities of data and building up a team that possesses the necessary expertise to work with Big Data and convert it into a business asset.

High-Performance POS Transaction Processing System 25 Jan 2019

High-Performance POS Transaction Processing System

Application development of financial systems for large IT company in Brazil 25 Jan 2019

Application development of financial systems for large IT company in Brazil

First Line Software provides a comprehensive range of services in the Big Data Life Cycle to startup and enterprise customers.

  • Data Collection, Storage and Preparation

  • Data Processing and Analysis

  • Data Modelling and Visualization

  • Integration with BI and OLAP Tools

Cloud Native Big Data Solutions

  • Solutions on AWS EMR, GCP Dataproc and Azure HDInsight

  • Data Warehousing / Data Lakes

  • Cloud Native Business Intelligence

  • Solutions Machine Learning Services

Receiving and saving unstructured data

Designing data structure

Data Indexation

Interactive data access directly from Hadoop

Design and implementation
 of the data processing process

Data analysis

Data purity analysis

Custom reports or complex algorithms implementation

AI. ML. statistical analysis

Custom data visualization

Integration with BI and OLAP tools

OLAP cubes design and integration with OLAP systems

Integration with BI systems

First Line Software has successfully developed a significant portfolio of data storage solutions and heavy-load processing systems that help customers achieve their Big Data initiatives.

Contact Us to explore how the First Line Software Big-Data-as-a-Service model can help accelerate the ability of your organization to start extracting meaningful insights from data that leads to competitive advantage.

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