Financial Business Analyst

Cambridge, MA, USA
Full-time position (1 position available)

Location: Cambridge, MA

  • Perform and manage tasks and projects related to financial analysis and planning, including but not limited to trend analysis, products and services development, budget planning and other special projects;
  • Provides support for regulatory reporting;
  • Designs and completes reports and studies for a variety of projects to enhance operations and identify issues;
  • Creates complex financial models and develops ad hoc analysis with organization-wide impact
  • Assist the company acquiring new customers and selling additional products or services to existing customers;
  • Conduct research of US and European markets to help company in determining its position in the marketplace, planning and executing international contracts, and developing of international business relationships;
  • Develop and implement strategies and business processes for fostering business relationships both within the US and Internationally with potential clients and business venture partners;
  • Develop and implement data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data to support quality initiatives and regulatory reporting. Perform comprehensive data analysis using appropriate statistical and market analysis tools/applications including SWOT, BCG Matrix, and Pareto methods and present the obtained findings and final conclusions with ready-to-implement recommendations using graphical illustrations to the President;
  • Develop and maintain Company business communication network and analyze steps for business expansion;
  • Evaluate Company’s priority cliental base in terms of segmentation and establish different financial approaches for each of the segments; suggest steps to increase the number of returning clients;
  • Measure customer satisfaction and effectiveness of marketing strategies in order to help the Company to improve their services;
  • Work with outsourced marketing agencies, coordinate design and production of flyers and booklets, maintain company’s website content well-organized and up-to-date;
  • Ensure timely coverage of special events (presentations, seminars, roundtables, etc.) through ongoing press releases, news releases and feature stories targeted at key Internet content communities and other media outlets;
  • Maintain records on company’s operations, prepare performance reports upon CEO’s requests and suggest steps for optimization of financial cycle management;
  • Utilize the knowledge of appropriate computer applications and software to perform the above-mentioned duties: Quick Books, PowerPoint, Microsoft Access; Microsoft Project, Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat, MicroStrategy software.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with marketing methods, namely SWOT analysis, BCG matrix, Pareto Analysis

Required experience/education:

Bachelor degree in Business Administration/Economics/Marketing and all related.

At least 12 months experience in Marketing Specialist/Business Development Specialist/ Business Analyst and all related.

Compensation to be determined at the job interview.

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