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Bitrix 24

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Bitrix24 provides companies with the ability to create free sites, landing pages and online stores that are automatically integrated with the Bitrix24 CRM and marketing automation tools. Since companies have access to the source code, and the system is available in the cloud and on-premise, they can install the systems on their own servers and customize as necessary.  The Bitrix24 REST API also makes it simple for companies to create their own apps.

Companies often require external resources to build the customization and perform integration of the Bitrix24 system for their websites or eCommerce. The team at First Line Software uses its extensive technical knowledge and experience in content management and eCommerce to help companies launch their websites and ecommerce platforms quickly.

Bitrix24 includes a block-based website that comes with a visual editor, hundreds of ready-made blocks, and a Web form builder. The website will be SEO optimized and comes with Google Analytics support. Finally, when companies host Bitrix24 on their own servers, they have full control over their data and who has access. The transfer of data is completed via an SSL-encrypted connection with a 256-bit key and the most commonly used two factor authorization methods are supported.

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