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WordPress provides everything companies need to build a website that can range from a blog to a full ecommerce site – with two options. While WordPress.com keeps things simple for site owners, many companies choose the more flexible WordPress solution when they need more control over design, code and other functionality. These same companies often find their internal tech resources lack expertise with WordPress and partner with the experienced First Line Software team to customize their WordPress site, build functionality, and integrate the systems that meet their business requirements.

With the WordPress option (vs. WordPress.com) companies install and host their sites. WordPress offers services like Jetpack for security and backups. Companies can install and customize any WordPress theme or build their own with PHP and CSS. There are thousands of community plugins to add features such as spam protection, custom galleries, in-depth analytics, and more. Additional support from the WordPress community can be accessed through their support forums.

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David Tedford

VP, Content, Commerce & Digital Experience Practice Lead — Greater Boston Area

Mark Edgett

VP of Sales, East Coast — Groton, Massachusetts

Garrett Schut

VP of Sales, West Coast — Irvine, California

Ivo Fung-A-Jou

VP Sales — the Netherlands

Marcus Portstrom

VP Sales — Scandinavia

Gregory Massov

VP Sales — Israel

Richard Leslie

UK Business Development