First Line Software Attends Q1 Industrial Internet Consortium Meeting in Raleigh, North Carolina

Industrial Internet Consortium Meeting

As an Industrial Internet Consortium (ICC) member, First Line attended the first quarterly meeting for 2019, which was held from February 11 – 14 in Raleigh, NC, USA.

Each quarterly event offers a unique opportunity to learn, collaborate and network with members from many industries. These member meetings reinforce the collaboration fostered throughout the year via virtual meetings and document authoring/editing, and include the sharing of information such as news about the merger of the OpenFog Consortium (OFC) into the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).

The merger of IIC and OpenFog was announced in mid–December, 2018 when the two companies agreed in principle to combine their organizations, which would create the largest and most influential international consortia in Industrial IoT, fog and edge computing.  The move has brought OpenFog members into the IIC organization at a time when their complementary areas of technology are emerging in the mainstream. The organizations announced finalization of the merger on January 31, 2019.

Pavel Khodalev, First line Software Senior VP was in attendance at the ICC meeting and had this to say: “It’s great news about the merger of IIC and OpenFog Consortium. As a result, this new consortium is the largest one working on real world reference implementation. Long running debates about what the right name is for Edge of Fog ended with “Edge/Fog” being agreed upon as the name that will last until the industry makes the call for the right name.”

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