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Our deep experience in performing technology studies of client business requirements and existing systems equips us to optimize system architecture, digitize analytics, and integrate  applications for customers in the financial services sector.

Trading Software

Since the stock market is ultra-sensitive in terms of time, clients require a custom trade management system to function in real-time, provide up-to-the-minute updates, and present the most current data from the stock market. Stocks, futures, spreads, options, FOREX, FOPs, ETFs, bonds, CFDs and swaps - we know them well and can help you to increase the efficiency of your system and achieve the best results.

We have built Order Management (OMS) and Execution Management Systems (EMS), smart order routing applications, web-based trading frontends and cloud infrastructure trading solutions that will elevate your operations to a new level.

Financial Analytics

First Line analytics experts are equipped for developing financial analysis software that encompasses a high level of complexity.

Financial Services

Systems for government organizations require a high level of production capacity. When it comes to processing consumer transactions for a financial institution, the sheer volume puts a heavy workload on the software. Our financial services software development team has built systems that can process over 1 billion records per day. We have produced specialized software solutions for companies around the world.

Risk management & compliance

All financial software includes risks assessment functionality and incorporates regulatory requirements. System capacity and high quality Big Data are critical for accessing risks. We build financial solutions that detect subtle patterns of high-risk behavior and help your company use analytics to make better decisions.

Another type of risk that needs to be addressed by financial software is privacy and security. We address this risk through encryption, masking, de-identification and more.

Our custom software development team has implemented a number of gateways with payments security technologies that support 3-D Secure and use PCI DSS, FIX (ICE-FIX, QuickFIX/n, etc.), FAST, IB API, X_TRADER API and proprietary APIs. We also create apps for Message Passing Interface integrations using SSL/TLS.


C#, C++, PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, .NET Framework, Spark, iOS, Hadoop, HDbase, Impala, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, ASP.NET, WPF

If you are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced partner to help meet your financial services technology requirements and who is easy to do business with, get in touch with us. You can always start with a pilot version.


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