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Our solutions and subject matter expertise help publishers drive innovation in digital media and grow their audiences and profitability by delivering modern, fresh, high volume, high availability end-use products.

Technologies and Building Blocks

Our Digital Media Solutions provide customers with a way to quickly implement high availability, high performing websites from standard “building blocks” based on a group of platforms specific to a particular type of online media (news, magazines, television, blogs, or special interest sites). First Line uses a number of off the shelf technologies to create libraries of code that can be reused across multiple sites.

Created based on technologies like EPiServer, Progress, WordPress, PHP, SOLR and many others, our standard “building blocks” are at the same time fully tailorable. Coupled with flexible add-ins and configurable layouts within set frameworks and grids, they give the impression of completely different sites despite the standardized underlying platform, and enable the uniqueness of the publications and their brands to shine through. We utilize responsive and adaptive design for great look and feel regardless of the device, ensuring the commercial aspects of your sites are fully functional and optimised for any consumer platform.

Agile Process

First Line has developed a unique Agile Tailoring Process that allows standard solutions to be quickly customized to clients’ needs without extensive and unnecessary rewriting of core code. We also offer our proprietary and highly effective automated approach for large scale CMS content migrations that provides editors with new capabilities and preserves familiarity and ease-of-use, while leaving the URL structure intact to minimize SEO impact.

Brand Strength vs. Cost Control

In choosing the appropriate solutions, publishers are constantly aware of the tension between the editorial and the technology sides of the business. On the one hand, in order to preserve the brand strength of the legacy publishers that attracts online readership, their websites need to be unique and fresh. On the other hand, companies need to take into account the cost of maintaining disparate technologies and platforms that may detract from their ability to run profitable online businesses. First Line’s media solutions help achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings without compromising the sites’ uniqueness, freshness, or ease of use.


Analysts are predicting that digital video advertising spend will reach $5.4 billion by 2016, and the video share of most companies’ online advertising budgets is increasing. Any publisher that is not executing on a comprehensive video strategy to capture the views and the advertising dollars is ceding ground to competition. However, customers in need of an end-to-end video solution face a complex technological landscape with multiple competing OVP and CDN products that have to be tightly integrated and often heavily customized.

First Line provides specialist-consulting services for end-to-end internet and mobile TV and video solutions. Our expertise includes the full spectrum from ingestion and encoding to storage, content distribution and playback. We perform impartial technology research and comparative analysis, feasibility studies, TCO/ROI estimations, and a full cycle of implementation services from design, customization and integration to testing, deployment and support. Our trained and certified engineers can implement a cloud-based or on-premise data storage and transcoding service, a multi-protocol, multi-client streaming server with a flexible plug-in architecture and a rich set of APIs to be embedded in the customer’s software and hardware, and integrate it with the customer’s CMS.

New Revenue Models

Media industry as a whole is at an inflection point today, with declining revenues based on traditional subscriptions and advertising models. One of the main challenges is to embrace the emerging technologies and content delivery models while preserving the advantage that traditional print newspaper and magazine brands still enjoy in the market for digitally delivered content based on the credibility and trust those companies have with news consumers.

Market conditions are rapidly shifting as to where the revenue will be, and emerging players are very agile. Moreover, close to 70% of the world’s online ad revenues are controlled by only five tech companies (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, AOL and Yahoo!). First Line’s expertise uniquely positions us to help media industry leaders identify a number of innovative approaches to increase profitability by embracing new revenue models and at the same time controlling costs.

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