Systems Development and Integration

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From Order Entry to Decision Support, to Medication Administration and to Acute Clinical Documentation - First Line has been developing and implementing hospital and ambulatory systems in the days before major EHR vendors gained wide adoption. We’ve been building and integrating these systems and components for prestigious AMCs, innovative clinicians, and medical software and equipment manufacturers for nearly 20 years.

The types of healthcare IT systems we’ve been building evolves along with the transformation of Health IT landscape. Today we work with and along the modern EHR systems rather than developing them — enhancing and expanding functionality through native integration capabilities and custom code development.

Modern EHR systems are powerful and highly complex. This complexity and long release cycles are the impediment for fast adoption of latest innovation opportunities, for improvements in care quality and safety, and expansion of care beyond the boundaries of healthcare institutions. Our customers are visionaries and innovators who don’t want to be bound by the constrains of their existing systems – we are their partner in fulfilling their ambitious goals.

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Anatoly Postilnik

Head of Healthcare IT practice

Anatoly is the Head of the Global Healthcare Practice at First Line Software, where he oversees and brings together company’s engagements in Healthcare and Life Sciences under single leadership. Anatoly has more than 30 years of technology, product development, and solutions delivery experience, including over 18 years in the Healthcare Industry.