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Companies are driven to outsourcing by a variety of factors and reasons, from cost considerations and lack of locally available development resources to time pressures pushing them to rapidly expand their software development capacity.  No matter your reason, First Line can provide you with a superbly skilled and highly stable team of software developers, project managers, architects, technical leads and test engineers to augment your in-house software development staff.

Skills and Culture

Our methodology is based on decades of experience building and managing highly productive software development teams. First Line’s recruiters and program managers know how to source talented software developers and experienced project managers with proven track records of delivery. We understand that clients need to build stable teams that will be capable of delivering long-term. Therefore we go beyond the resume and dig deep to ensure that the candidates are going to be a cultural match for the client and will fluidly integrate with their people and processes. 

We Invest in People and Process

We reduce your risk by providing your First Line Software dedicated software engineering center with a robust infrastructure, and the culture that drives performance and rewards achievement. Our recruiters and program managers will collaborate with you to understand your business requirements, build an optimal management and reporting structure for your offshore team, and ensure that the necessary infrastructure and mechanisms are in place for ongoing process improvement. Our proven governance approach provides clients with points of contact for all technical and administrative issues, and escalation points for quick and efficient resolution.


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What Our Clients Say

  • The team we put together in the last half of this year is one of the most productive, skilled and enjoyable I’ve ever worked on. It’s great to see the product brought to life, and I’m proud to work with all you folks. - Senior Architect, Fortune 100 company
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