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The business meeting was held in Moscow on May 28th and organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Innovative Business Association (INNOBIZ) and the Korea Russia Science and Technology Cooperation Center (KORUSTECH). Within the event framework, Vladimir Litoshenko Senior Vice-President of First Line Software conducted a number of meetings with the leading South Korean business authorities and agreed on mutual support of the technological business development in Asia, Europe and the US.

As mentioned our potential Korean partners, the future of Russian-Korean cooperation is to be a high-level composed IT- professionals who are trusted and passionate, and who have the sensitivity and passion of human beings, and are keen to cooperate warmly with both countries. In order to accomplish this Korean partners have four core strategies: expertise, in-depth network establishment, creation of advanced information database and a warm customer service.

The INNOBIZ Association has invited a number of high-tech companies from Korea to work in Russia in Аcontinuation of our long-standing development cooperation relationship with the Russian partners in 2019. INNOBIZ acts as an intermediate for transfer and promotion of the Korean technologies on the global markets through the foreign hubs network.

First Line Software, for its part, holds business mission to South Korea to exchange experience and extend cooperation of the two countries in the field of transfer and commercialization of new technologies, and plans to use its experience to develop export of First Line’s technological excellence to global markets. For example, during the last month we have highly cooperated with our European partners via professional sessions and exhibitions in The Hague and Paris, in the US via AmCham, and some special meet-ups in collaboration with the most influential association of software developing companies in Russia – RUSSOFT.

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