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In the middle of November, a team from First Line Software will participate in a new global hackathon in the Netherlands. We have an ambitious goal to win an award at this worldwide software development competition.

Two years ago we launched our European office in The Hague. Today First Line Software Netherlands is a well-established operation that includes expert software development professionals.

More than 70 developers and geeks from around the world will be pushing the boundaries of technology to set new limits at the Data Science Initiative Hackathon in The Hague . The main idea and challenge of this year’s competition is to hack for peace, justice and security and use technology to solve real world problems.

First Line Software is sending three participants who will create and launch software using open source solutions in a GitHub repository. Their data sets could support organizations such as the Red Cross, NATO and the International Criminal Court to protect the world without force ‒ with the use of technology. The First Line Software participants will bring their top notch software development skillsets to the event and put them in play to work on something truly innovative.

It’s a power start for our The Hague office - to find new software development partners, as well as to compete for one of the prizes - €10 000, €5 000 or €2 500.

To be continued …

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