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First Line Software White Nights Clients’ Summit was held in St. Petersburg in June. We prepared small report and the video.

With the instantaneous speed of the Internet, we find ourselves in a world where millions of network aware devices that were never interconnected before, now are increasing by the tens of billions and begin to form different ecosystems. It can be clearly seen that we are facing new reality and it is touching more individuals, devices, and systems than ever before.

The mission of the First Line Software Clients' Summit, which took place in St. Petersburg in June, was to share the experience of working in this new paradigm. The clients from different countries , including the US, Germany, Australia, Finland and others exchanged their views and experience.

The guest speaker of the Summit was Dr. Richard Soley, CEO of OMG, the Executive Director of the Industrial Internet Consortium. See the full version of the “The industrial Internet: Opportunities” by guest speaker of First Line Software Clients’ Summit Dr. Richard Soley below or on First Line YouTube channel.

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