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One of the ways First Line Software closely monitors developments in the healthcare industry is by attending and participating in industry events. Most recently it was the highly regarded fourth working conference “Digivaardig in de Zorg” that was held in Utrecht, on April 16th.

This meeting was an initiative of ECP | Platform for the Information Society, an independent and neutral platform where government, business and social organizations work together and exchange knowledge about the impact on and responsible application of new technologies in Dutch society.

During the meeting on 16 April in Utrecht, the national knowledge site Digivaardig in de Zorg for the care of the elderly and disabled sectors was officially launched. Extensive attention on the site is also focused on the activities of the working groups within Digivaardig in de Zorg. For example, the role of IT staff within a care organization, the progress in leadership in care and what the national inclusion movement is for healthcare users.

In the healthcare sector, digital skills are desperately needed by healthcare professionals. ECP therefore set up the coalition in healthcare in 2015. The coalition focuses on five categories: digital patient, healthcare worker, IT professional, leaders and healthcare training. During the meeting in Utrecht, representatives from the working groups for each category gave a brief presentation about their achievements and plans. This bottom-up movement where people from different parts of the healthcare sector exchange knowledge and jointly shape activities that make healthcare more digital.

Every IT professional in healthcare at First Line has the skills required to support the advancement of e-Health initiatives. The availability of e-health options means that everyone who is involved with healthcare must possess digital skills in addition to their core competencies. With the digital healthcare capabilities which First Line Software develops, people have convenient access to healthcare and greater insight into their health. To support healthcare professionals acquiring digital skills, we collaborate with many partners and participate in associations such as ECP | Platform.

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