On April 23, 2019, The Hague Security Delta (HSD) released and presented their new report “Smart Cities and Urban Security” at the HSD Campus at the VNG Realisatie event “Project Increment Planning Smart Society” .

As an active provider of smart city technology and Network Partner of the HSD, First Line Software attended the event to continue its cooperation between players in the marketplace, on how to best create a smart city.

During the HSD Café the report was intensively discussed by the report authors and reflected on by The Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and the Dutch Police. Ido Nap, Program Manager Sensing for the Dutch Police said: “Learning from the development of a Smart Society requires us to shift our focus from technology to exploring the guidelines by which these technologies serve our society.” First line Software already provides such technologies. For example, we provide the technology solution for a parking lot monitoring system designed to reduce search time for a parking space, which saves time and fuel for drivers.

The report and HSD Café is part of the HSD Office Program "Smart Secure Resilient Cities" and comes at a time when The Netherlands as a whole is rapidly progressing towards a safer and smarter society. For example, over 80 organizations signed a declaration to accelerate innovation, develop standards and scale up initiatives nation-wide. The underlying foundation of this declaration is the collaboration between knowledge institutions, businesses and governments, working together to realize a smarter and more secure world.

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