So. . . you've implemented Episerver and while you're most likely quite satisfied...what’s next? As you know, the Episerver platform is extremely robust. But there may be opportunities to enhance or customize Episerver to meet your business requirements.Full Disclosure: First Line Software has been an Episerver AB Partner for several years. We specialize in creating and implementing backend content management environments and fine-tune them for the highest levels of productivity.

Web Development for Episerver: Extending functionality

Do your business requirements go beyond what's available out-of-the-box?

Being competitive means raising the bar and doing more. Your clients must differentiate themselves from the competition by providing more value to your end-users.

First Line is highly experienced with both the Episerver e-commerce platform and multi-site set-up, which means we can help customers configure their Episerver instance for the best possible results. It is no easy feat to operate an on-line business in multiple languages or customize the platform for distributors. Relying on our significant experience with configuring multisite setups within an e-commerce platform can make all the difference when it comes to enabling a high-performing online business and ensuring satisfied customers.

A separate, but equally important task is the back-end synchronization of internal systems with the Episerver e-commerce platform to enable specific operational functions: confirm receipt of orders, reconcile payments with corresponding purchase orders, finalize orders and forward on for delivery, or cancel orders and process refunds at any stage.

With First Line, your clients can be confident their e-commerce workflows are complete and include all required tasks for seamless operation.

If necessary, First Line has the knowledge and experience to extend the Episerver functionality by integrating forums, comments sections, or communities that are based on Episerver Relate+ or using external platforms such as Disqus. First Line is equipped to enhance the Episerver functionality using plug-ins and other platforms enhancements.

We help our partners optimize the performance of their clients’ systems. In fact, if your clients run high-traffic sites, First Line Software can guarantee the top performance of their platforms – even with a heavy load of up to several million unique visitors per day. Finally, we use Microsoft technologies to install Epi-based solutions on multiple servers. While the Episerver solution is intended to be installed on one server; sometimes it is less expensive to use multiple servers. First Line optimizes installations on multiple hardware servers to operate seamlessly.

Episerver, First Line Software and clients scheme

Managing High Content Volume during Migrations to Episerver

Let’s say one of your clients just signed on with Episerver and has a number of Websites – each with thousands of pages of content – to be migrated over to the Episerver CMS platform.

Anyone who has been faced with the task of migrating online resources to a new platform knows that it often represents a significant challenge. When you add in the fact that the highly-interactive and highly-trafficked resources of the site must continue to operate smoothly throughout the entire migration, the challenge automatically multiplies by a factor of ten.

First Line has developed a proprietary methodology specifically for clients faced with maintaining complex business operations during large migrations. We actually process the content prior to migration and run automated testing after migration to ensure that all content, visual assets, links, and URLs have been migrated and preserved in their original state. This is especially important for SEO rankings. The First Line approach preserves the integrity of the site(s), facilitates a smoother and faster migration process, and increases the overall quality of the migration.

First Line has also successfully migrated sites over to Episerver from a number of different systems including WordPress, Escenic, and Polopoly.

Making Website Editors Feel at Home

Website Editors want to be efficient and ensure that the platform is working at maximum capacity. What about extending the standard CMS functionality and creating a highly intuitive user interface in the Website editor environment?

First Line knows usability and efficiency – and we want clients to be successful when working within their Website environment. We have taken on a number of projects focused on enhancing the Episerver CMS functionality and improving usability.

Anyone who has to publish a significant amount of content within a limited and specific period of time is painfully aware of the challenges associated with the search and selection of relevant video and photo assets. And today it is imperative to include eye-catching imagery and video with content.

Productivity can be increased for Episerver media clients with the addition of a centralized database designed to meet their specific requirements for storing a significant volume of video and photo assets. First Line has a great deal of experience with creating storage banks that facilitate reuse and resizing based on the media type, enable structured photo processing, and include a high-performing search capability. The result is that your customers will have an efficient tool to access and reuse company-owned photos or video assets while eliminating the risk of violating copyright or usage regulations associated with using photos or videos discovered online.

First Line also simplifies and increases the efficiency of online and offline work performed by editors through seamless integration with common platforms such as NewsPilot, WordPress, and others. The NewsPilot platform can store all types of content and has the capability to convert content into the InDesign format for hardcopy print or standard Web format and then immediately releases the material for print or the Web. First Line has already built the capability for ensuring these formats can be utilized within Episerver, which increases efficiency across all media.

About First Line Software

First Line has accumulated significant experience from many engagements for clients who have implemented the Episerver Content Management System. We have established a Center of Excellence dedicated to serving clients who power their online presence and strengthen customer relationships with Episerver products. Out of the over 70 consultants who are Episerver-qualified, 21 are Episerver Certified Developers (in Episerver CMS and Episerver Commerce), which is the highest number within Eastern Europe. Our team works in a highly distributed environment where they interact with multiple development centers and remotely located customers. First Line staff specialists across development, testing, configuration, support, and user documentation for the Episerver platform.

Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about the specific requirements for optimizing your instance of the Episerver CMS Platform and achieving solid business results.

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