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In response to the need to protect employees and the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic, a host of applications for screening individuals for COVID-19 symptoms have emerged including ProtectWell from Microsoft and UnitedHealth, or COVID_19 App from Apple. In addition, organizations are developing their own screening tools and applications in an effort to combat the spread of the disease. How is EPass different from these apps?

EPass is Infinitely Customizable to Your Needs

Every organization is different and their COVID-19 screening and testing needs are widely different as well. Most available individual screening tools are targeting specific common use cases and have no or limited customization capabilities. From its roots EPass has been designed to adapt to a wide range of organizational structures, workflows and use scenarios. In most cases it is done through configuration and customization capabilities without any additional coding. And if you have any specific needs that can’t be addressed through configuration - we can customize EPass for you for a small fee. After all, First Line is a custom software development company.

EPass is Built by Healthcare Experts

Some COVID-19 applications are being developed by tech companies with little or no experience in Healthcare who look to exploit the opportunities that have emerged as a result of the pandemic. First Line has been working with major Healthcare institutions for the last 25 years and has clinicians and medical experts on the team leading and guiding the development of EPass.

Your Organization owns EPass and Its Data

EPass is deployed on your infrastructure and/or your cloud hosting environment and becomes the property of your organization once deployed and configured. Most other applications are vendor-hosted, raising security and privacy concerns and creating integration complexities as well as challenges accessing collected data. 

We don’t charge complicated subscription “per user” fees. Our licensing structure is very simple and transparent - it is a one time fee regardless of usage.

The EPass underlying data model and the database are fully open to the customer.  Customers can synchronize EPass users and screening data with their own systems.

EPass Can Integrate with Your Corporate Systems

Out of the box EPass is completely self sufficient and comes with its own administrative interface which application administrators can use to load and manage users. But we have integrated EPass with a variety of ERP, HR and other systems and can help you easily integrate EPass with your system.

EPass Helps To Reduce Infection Using Automation

Screening employees and visitors before they enter a facility helps to prevent the spread of the disease within the building. However, the manual screening at the entrance of a building slows down the flow of personnel to work and creates a “reversed” challenge - an increased risk of infection within the crowd of people standing in line and waiting to be screened at the door.

EPass combined with an eClear device from eConnectGlobal - an integrated camera and no-touch thermometer - solves this problem by automating the screening process. There is virtually no need for an attendant and the screening takes less time. The eClear device can even control the door or tourniquet of the building if such capabilities are enabled.

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