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First Line Software and Leiden University’s Innovation Center (the Netherlands) build prototype of fake news detection system

First Line Software and the Innovation Center of Leiden University have jointly developed a fake news detection service named CredibleU. The system analyzes Twitter links and compares them with the addresses of web-sites known to be compromised. If a similarity is detected, a user will receive an automatic notification that the information he or she wants to share could be from a questionable source. They will be advised to confirm the story via other sites before sharing the news with their social networks.

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First Line Software operates in the Netherlands: A center of economic growth

LitoshenkoVladimir Litoshenko, head of business development, First Line Software’s office in the Netherlands

In spite of its small size, the Netherlands has one of the strongest economies, and is one of the most advanced countries, in the world. A number of companies have established headquarters or regional offices here including: Microsoft, Sony, eBuddy, Exact Software, Philips, Cisco, and IBM. Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven are among the top 10 of world technology centers.

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First Line Software amongst The 20 Most Valuable Microsoft Solution Providers, 2017 by Insight Success

Right from the launch of the first ever minicomputer in 1975, Microsoft has come a long way to position itself as an absolute leader both in the main stream and the visionary technology market. Also, surfeit. Microsoft offers a number of solutions to its users that include Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, NAV, Windows Azure, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, and Office 365+. 

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User Feedback Influences Scrum Founders to Improve Scrum Guide

The use of Scrum is standard operating procedure among the technical experts at First Line Software. As such, we are constantly monitoring the latest developments and uses of Scrum.

Similar to how Scrum functions in terms of frequent reviews and adaption, the Scum Guide itself is reviewed often to determine what updates can be made to make the Guide even more useful and valuable. 

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