Software Development QA Audit

QA is critical to all software development, especially full lifecycle development. How confident are you in your process?
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From the beginning of development and throughout the Software Development Lifecycle, Quality Assurance testing has to be planned to ensure the most efficient and effective software is deployed. First Line Software’s QA Audit examines your entire development and deployment process for vulnerabilities and opportunities for increased efficiency which results in higher revenue and lower budget requirements. 

Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms?

Extended Testing Cycles

With each iterative release, your testing case load increases which increases the feedback loop time and slows release times for your updates.

Uncontrolled Testing Budget Growth

As your test load increases so does the number of resources needed to accomplish those tests.

Increased Time to Delivery

The premier value of automation testing is in reducing the time required for test activities, which will boost the development team’s velocity and capacity.  This ultimately results in more frequent releases and possibly increased revenue.

Release Quality Suffering

Manual testing opens each iterative release to more risk due to increased test cases and resources included in the process.

What Is Examined In The Audit?

Our experts will research and review the testing activities, artifacts, and tools in the current environment, including:

  • Architecture systems, technical stack, and the SDLC process
  • STLC (Software Testing Lifecycle), test strategy, test plan, and test cases
  • Expectations and specific requirements of customers
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What You Receive

After the review and research are completed, we will prepare an audit report that will contain unique deliverables:

  • QA Process Recommendations
    Based on the goals, our team will present a comprehensive QA plan with implementation steps and process recommendations.
  • Automation Opportunity Assessment
    An automation testing solution assessment will contain a proposed automation testing framework and the approach needed to integrate it within a company’s development process including specific requirements of the SDLC. If automation testing already exists, First Line Software will provide recommendations for implementing modern approaches such as Keyword Driven Testing (KDT), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), or Model Based Testing (MBT).
  • Cost and Implementation Schedule
    Proposed service and infrastructure costs, project duration, and a plan for launching all QA improvements.

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