MongoDB is an open source NoSQL database designed with blazing fast performance and infinite scale in mind. It features a document-oriented data model, dynamic schema, full index support, ultra-fast in-place updates, rich dynamic queries, built-in sharding and auto-failover, and supports GridFS and MapReduce.

MongoDB is a great fit for projects with very large volumes of data and/or significant scale-out requirements that still require extremely fast performance, where data is too complex and heterogeneous to model in a relational schema, or involving real-time analytics.

First Line’s expert team of architects and software engineers has many man-years of experience building effective applications with MongoDB and other NoSQL tools both as primary storage and as caching tier, deployed on various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc.).

Whether you need to build a database for a high-performance, high-availability website capable of handling millions of visitors, or a web front cache for storing frequently changing real time data, or a database for REST services with SSL connection, or a file storage with no time or size limit – our team has the experience and the technical competence to deliver your project on time and on budget.

First Line’s MongoDB development competencies include:

Storage design

  • Standard MongoDB data modeling patters
  • Data lifecycle management
  • Temporary collections/TTL feature, Capped Collection
  • Embedded/referenced collections
  • Sharding
  • Replication architectures
  • Managing document growth

Indexing strategies

  • Compound indexes
  • Indexes on covered queries
  • Secondary indexes
  • Multikey Indexes
  • Geospatial indexes

.NET drivers for MongoDB

  • NoRM
  • MongoDB C# Driver

Mongo shell usage

  • Deployment scripts
  • Backup/restore scripts


  • Geospatial queries (proximity, distance, bounded)
  • Cursors, configuration of cursor behavior
  • Aggregations, MapReduce

High availability

  • Horizontal scalability
  • Replica set configuration
  • Oplog processing

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