Digital Supply Model For Global Marketing Company


Our client is a leading global marketing supply chain company with 1,500 employees in 46 countries.


Our client’s business is helping its customers successfully manage the entire lifecycle of their marketing materials. Through the client, global companies can source and produce a comprehensive range of printed materials and promotional branded items with the highest quality and efficiency.

The client wanted to leverage cutting edge e-commerce technology to further accelerate and streamline its marketing execution services. For that purpose, the client envisioned an end-to-end online marketing supply chain portal that would enable their clients’ global marketing teams to seamlessly manage the sourcing and production of the entire range of their marketing materials. This vision required an extensively customized e-commerce solution tailored to the unique demands of the marketing supply chain management and execution.


EPiServer was chosen as the e-commerce platform, due to its powerful functionality and ease of customization (EPiServer is built on the Microsoft .NET technology stack). First Line’s e-commerce team, working closely with the customer’s in-house experts and its strategic partner, designed and implemented a complex, unique B2B e-commerce portal product specifically designed to serve a large, globally distributed marketing procurement organization.

After analyzing the customer’s requirements, First Line’s engineers implemented many powerful custom features not supported by EPiServer out of the box, including:

  •          Complex order approval workflows
  •          Spend limits by user (monthly, quarterly, or yearly) with manual override by administrator
  •          Bulk user upload with simultaneous user creation in EPiServer and Active Directory
  •          Multiple shipping addresses per order
  •          Centralized billing to the company account
  •          Custom interface enabling access to EPiServer Commerce Manager for a select group of users (with limited permissions compared to standard access)


The joint effort produced a powerful full service B2B marketing e-commerce portal that the customer will now be able to offer to its largest global clients. It is a unique one-stop shop solution enabling global corporate marketing teams to seamlessly manage the sourcing, production and execution of all of their marketing materials through a convenient, intuitive multi-language, multi-currency portal. This new platform is already receiving extremely positive feedback from the clients’ customers, and will undoubtedly solidify the customer’s leadership in the brand delivery services market.


EPiServer 7.0, EPiServer Commerce, NET 4.5, MS SQL Server 2008R2, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, SignalR, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, JavaScript, Ajax, ActiveMQ, MassTransit

Project statistics

Team size: 13

Total effort: 150+ person-months

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