Alexander Pozdniakov


As First Line’s CEO, Alexander Pozdniakov is responsible for the company’s strategy, for driving the business development efforts, and for the operations of the delivery organization in its entirety.

Alexander is a 20-year veteran of the IT industry. He started his IT career in 1993 when he successfully managed the implementation of one of the first electronic banking projects. Alexander's experience over the next several years includes a broad array of system integration and IT transformation projects spanning many industries and countries, and affecting thousands of users worldwide.

Alexander’s career in software services started in 1999 when he joined StarSoft (private software engineering firm that shares founders with First Line) as a Project Manager. Alexander quickly rose through the ranks and finally achieving the position of the COO in 2004, in which he served for the next 5 years both before and after StarSoft’s merger with Exigen Services in 2007. Alexander managed the entire production staff including multiple development, testing and process groups, while also supervising many supplementary functions across the company such as HRM, Hiring and Technical Support. During that period, Alexander directed the growth of the delivery organization from 100 to almost 1,500 people, managing 8 separate delivery locations.

Alexander is a great fan of traveling to the most exotic locations on the planet.

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