Andrew Zaikin

VP Technology

Andrew Zaikin started his career as a software developer soon after graduating from the university in 1999 with a degree in Computer Science. Andrew’s first project at StarSoft (First Line’s predecessor) was a large system development effort for Denmark’s Department of Taxation. At StarSoft, Andrew was quickly promoted to technical leadership roles and eventually to management. Over time, Andrew has made critical contributions to multiple major projects delivered by the company for its international customers, including CSC, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, IBM, Intel, Standard & Poor’s, T-Mobile, Bonnier and others. His diverse technological experience ranges from exotic environments like OS/2, SYSTEM/390 and vxWorks to the more mainstream enterprise application development projects using Microsoft .NET or Java.

In his role as First Line’s VP of Technology, Andrew drives global technical presales activities, oversees internal product development, and harmonizes software engineering processes across the entire delivery organization. He is also the company’s lead project rescue consultant.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys hacking network-enabled hardware using tools like Bus Pirate and Wireshark. He also serves as one the administrators of Wikipedia.

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