People & CultureWhat Makes Us Tick

Talent SpotlightMeet the Wizards Behind the Curtain

Building awesome software requires bright people with great skills, imagination, and ideas. Our people are our greatest assets: without them, our company doesn't exist. Therefore we strive to maintain a culture where the best people can grow and thrive.

Fun Loving DevelopersWe Work Hard, We Play Hard

We know how to have fun both on and off the job. Several times a year, we do something cool as a company: throw a huge Christmas party, organize a paintball match, book an entire ski resort, or go on a boat ride along the Neva River. When people genuinely enjoy each other’s company, they accomplish more working together.

Saint PetersburgRussia's Gateway to the West

As a world-renowned center of education, science and technology, St. Petersburg has been dubbed “Russia’s Silicon Valley”. Its universities produce 10,000 IT graduates a year. In fact, St. Petersburg’s schools create the best programmers in the world – just look up the results of the ACM Collegiate Programming Contests for the last dozen or so years. It also doesn’t hurt that the city is breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder our clients love to visit!

What Our Clients Say

  • The team we put together in the last half of this year is one of the most productive, skilled and enjoyable I’ve ever worked on. It’s great to see the product brought to life, and I’m proud to work with all you folks. - Senior Architect, Fortune 100 company
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