Project Manager

Anton manages one of the most exciting projects currently running that includes a wearable electronic device with advanced sensors and embedded software, a mobile app, a massive cloud-based backend with data streaming, analysis and visualization, and a sophisticated web application. (We can’t tell you who the client is, but when their product conquers the world, we will)

Anton first started working in IT when he was in still in college. He managed system integration projects, then later moved into managing web development projects. Anton has been working with mobile technologies since 2009. He joined First Line in 2013.

Anton’s day starts with a standup meeting with his project team where they quickly go over what was done in the previous day, as well as the current day’s immediate tasks and issues. The rest of the day is spent going over various status reports, helping team members with any impediments they may run into, discussing feature prioritization with the customer, checking on the usability of the product’s latest build, and all the other things necessary to make sure the project is on track, awesome new software is being built to the client’s satisfaction, and that the team members are inspired and productive. Once a week Anton runs a demo meeting with the customer representatives, presenting the latest version of the product, collecting customer feedback, and re-prioritizing the product backlog together with the client’s Product Owner.

“The coolest thing about this job is the feeling that the product is being built by me, bit by bit, and how intimately familiar I am with every aspect of it. Before joining First Line, I was on the receiving end of the outsourcing process: I used to hire outside teams to develop products for me. Now that I have hopped to the other side of the barricade, no part of the project is a black box to me anymore, and I have much greater appreciation of the technologies that go into things we build.

“The other cool aspect of working at First Line is being a part of a large company. There is a tremendous wealth of knowledge here, and so someone will always have the answer to whatever question you might have, no matter how challenging the problem or exotic the technology.”

In his free time, Anton enjoys skiing, snowboarding, and swimming.

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