Test Lead

Maria currently runs the testing on one of the First Line’s projects for a large European media company. She has been working in software quality assurance since 2005, when she first joined the First Line team.

After cleaning out her inbox in the morning, Maria checks on the defect status in the tracking tool, as well as the results of the overnight execution of automated tests. Sometimes some of the test cases need updating because of a newly introduced functionality. After that, the team holds their morning standup, where she gets a chance to report on what is currently in the works and to discuss any pressing issues with developers. After the quick standup, she usually gets together with the testers on her team for a few minutes to go over who is doing what that day and to address any potential questions that didn’t need to occupy the entire team’s time.

The rest of the morning and the hours after lunch are spent doing triage and prioritization of defects, and the actual testing. Maria’s team performs functional, performance and structural (white-box) testing. Lately, they have been investing more in automation, and doing an increasing amount of usability testing, especially since the project now includes development for the leading mobile platforms.   

Towards the end of the day, the team holds another quick standup meeting to close out the day, after which Maria logs all the results in the test matrix, a proprietary tool used for reporting and traceability between test cases and user stories. Maria does not like to rely on the Microsoft TFS product used by the customer, since it does not provide very usable statistics for test cases.

“This is a cool, dynamic environment to work in”, says Maria. “I’m constantly dealing with new technologies and solutions - I love the fact that we are doing so much with mobility now, for example, for it gives me a chance to expand my horizons. Another great thing is the ability to work on many projects and meet new cool people I can learn from.”

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