UX Designer

Vera is doing UI and UX design on a large online auction platform development project. She has been with First Line for 2 years; this is her first full time job.

“I love what I do because it is kind of in the middle between design and development, between the technical and the creative. So, in addition to layout and design, I’ve been doing a lot of JavaScript work, which is super cool! I think this is a unique opportunity for me to develop these two sides of my skill set simultaneously,” says Vera.

She usually interfaces with all members of the team to get the initial analysis done, and after that she works through a series of wireframes and clickable prototypes until the customer’s product owner signs off on a particular implementation.

“The work is exciting, and the team is just super! I’ve been very fortunate, and so far every project has been the most exciting one to date. I hope it stays that way!”

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