10 Most Promising Agile Services Companies – 2018

most promising agile services companies

Companies across various industries are increasingly adopting agile methodologies for software development to remain competitive in the age of cloud, big data, and the internet of things (IoT).

These methodologies are fast, responsive, and adaptable and require frequent communication among teams for the projects to be effective. Yet, software development with distributed teams is a more prevalent practice than co-located agile teams as companies find it necessary to have a global presence, access global talent, and create outsourcing options. First Line Software, a Massachusetts-based application outsourcing company, has pioneered the execution of agile methodology in distributed software development. In addition to offering custom software development, First Line Software provides technology enablement services and consulting in digitalization, big data engineering, and intellectual integration.

First Line Software: Agile Software Development and Digitalization Consulting

Backed by the vast experiences and expertise of its executives and staff in implementing agile methodologies, First Line Software is a frontrunner in applying the concept of distributed agile teams to software development. One such successful implementation of this concept even impressed the co-creator of Scrum and the CEO of Scrum, Inc., Jeff Sutherland, back in 2005. Such was the impact that Scrum teams today are split across various geographical regions and have been demonstrating remarkable performances. “Jeff and I also published a paper on distributed Scrum at a conference in 2006,” adds Nick Puntikov, CEO of First Line Software. The article presented a project that Jeff Sutherland acclaimed as the most successful documented large-scale agile implementation at that time.

A few years later, First Line Software became the first company to be awarded the Scrum Capability Medallion by Scrum, Inc. Sutherland is now an advisor to First Line Software, allowing the company’s staff direct access for continuous learning and ensuring the optimum use of agile methodology and Scrum process framework.

“What sets us apart is that we don’t merely perceive agile methodology as a set of principles. Agile is a part of our DNA, and we have a deep understanding of the agile software development culture,” remarks Puntikov. This enables First Line Software to complete challenging projects and delivers digital transformation solutions that are not only disruptive but also provide exceptional customer service experiences. The company’s clients include startups, small to medium-size businesses, and enterprise solution providers along with software product organizations that the company writes codes for. “Startups generally have clear goals and understand the market properly but lack the necessary software skills,” points Puntikov. First Line Software appoints architects and subject matter experts to assist the engineers of such client startups to create and implement their software.

First Line Software became the first company to be awarded the Scrum Capability Medallion by Scrum, Inc

The effectiveness of First Line Software’s services and consulting support can be exemplified by a partnership with an Australian provider of cloud-based healthcare IT solutions. The client offers a secure scalable medical practice management platform for healthcare organizations of different sizes including private practices. “We trained the client’s staff on the appropriate use of agile in creating software solutions,” states Puntikov. The platform developed by First Line Software eventually secured the success of the client’s business in Australia, which has also led them to work on expanding first to the UK followed by the USA. The major contributing factors to this success story involved the proper application of agile methodology coupled with First Line Software’s ability to gain expertise in a new domain quickly.

“Our entire global staff of more than 500 works toward providing specific attention to clients’ requirements and guaranteeing to complement their businesses,” says Puntikov. First Line Software now plans to extend its services to the healthcare IT space along with expanding across central Europe.

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