Big Data in The Medical Field

“Software is not easy… a lot of people think it might be a set-and-forget model… It’s not” says Rafic Habib, Founder & CEO of an Australian IT company whose flagship product is the cloud-based Electronic Medical Records system, Clinic to Cloud.

Their partnership with First Line Software culminated in a fully-featured, cloud-based, clinical management software tool for doctors, medical specialists, and general practice physicians.

The Clinic to Cloud software tools can be used by medical practices of any size and at any location. The application is accessible from a desktop or laptop hosting Windows or Mac software and on Apple or Android mobile devices using native mobile applications.

Doctors are able to perform consults, request and review tests, and manage patient clinical history among other specific actions. Receptionists can book appointments for patients, manage demographics information, intake patients for appointments, and create invoices using multiple payment methods. Built-in modules provide functionality for configuring practice details, scheduling, messaging, and prescribing medication. It also allows doctors to manage their settings and set preferences like “favorite tests”.

However, as Rafic stated, creating this kind of highly specialized yet user-friendly software is not easy, and requires the kind of expertise that First Line Software is uniquely positioned to provide. The FLS team was comprised of more than 20 technical experts including architects, developers, business analysts, software testers, UX-designers, and mobile developers. Engineers were responsible for designing and developing both the desktop version and mobile app, conducting testing, and ultimately providing post-release maintenance.  All of this work included the utmost in security and data privacy protocols that are paramount when dealing with patient records.

Rafic continues, “Now with the complexity of a project like this, you could appreciate that you need developers…you need your providers, and they need to be able to understand and translate your requirements given those complexities, and be able to use that knowledge to deliver a good piece of software.  And we find that First Line has a broad capability of understanding that actually starts with the CEO of the company, to the Project Manager of our particular project, and then through to the tech leads, and then through to junior developers.”

It is very important to have the developers, the project managers, and the team not only understand and deliver our vision, our mission, but also the passion that comes through the software and through the team at First Line.

Rafic Habib, Founder & CEO, Clinic to Cloud (Australia)

Clinic to Cloud is one example of a company with a complex set of requirements that only an experienced custom software developer like First Line can successfully fulfill.  Your company may not be in the field of Healthcare like Rafic’s, but regardless of the size of your organization or the scope of your work, custom software work is likely less expensive than you think.  The misconception is that commercial off-the-shelf software can be a cheaper alternative, with the false hope that its parameters can be bent the moment a company needs a specific task performed.  Custom software doesn’t require constant tweaking or development to make it work, it can however be easily extended as your organization grows. Off-the-shelf options are not fungible, they become more expensive over time as a company grows and evolves.  And then there is the issue of security… Custom software is developed just for you.  Hackers are very aware of flaws in off-the-shelf products since they too can purchase them to find those flaws to get to your valuable data.

Headquartered in the US, First Line Software’s global staff of 450 technical experts leverage agile technological excellence to efficiently deliver complex projects in a wide variety of industries and is consistently recognized with industry rankings and awards from top global and regional, independent research agencies. Contact us to see why we’ve won those awards and to see if First Line Software can be your partner in securing your organization’s digital future.

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