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Why Companies Choose Application Outsourcing

Companies are driven to outsource by a variety of factors and reasons – from lack of in-house expertise and locally available development resources to budget and time pressures imposed by shareholders and rapidly changing market conditions.

One of the key business incentives for outsourcing software projects is to achieve flexibility in staffing. Peak workloads often require more team resources – or people with different skill sets than the client currently staffs, or can afford to keep on its permanent team. While balance can be achieved by outsourcing individual projects as they arise, this ad hoc approach is often not enough. Companies with ongoing development projects require continuity and consistency in resources and skillsets.

Current Market Challenges

In addition, the current market presents new challenges that impact traditional application outsourcing. Development cycles must be shorter than ever. There is no time to write extensive specifications for vendors. Once the market confirms a product’s value, the company must move rapidly to secure a significant market share. To sustain the first-mover advantage, companies must stay ahead of the competition by iterating and improving the product. To address those challenges clients need more than just a vendor, but a reliable long-term partner.

Beyond traditional Outsourcing

First Line Software has always provided its clients with a skilled team of project managers, technical leads, architects, programmers, testers, UI/UX designers, and other professional software engineers. 

We are now offering a business relationship that complements our software outsourcing capabilities by partnering with our clients from ideation to implementation – exploring and consulting on approaches, solutions, cost containment opportunities and efficiencies that will have a significant impact to the top and bottom-line results.

The foundation of our business concept is a focus on service and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team will act as an extension of your in-house resources with a strong focus on business value vs. just working software. We view all the people involved in the project as members of one virtual team united by the same goals, expectations and constraints.

The Foundation: A highly skilled extension of your team

Companies work within a DSEC model to increase their productivity and gain visibility and predictability throughout the software development process. Companies get access to the engineering expertise required to help achieve their business goals in the most effective and efficient way.

Skills and ongoing training – As part of the set-up, customers specify the required skill sets, qualifications, and experience for team members and interview each individual recommended by First Line Software. First Line Software can also assist in defining the skill set requirements.

We own the responsibility for training the DSEC team and ensuring the stability and continuity of the team. This includes providing the appropriate training and coaching of new team members. However, there may be times when clients prefer to conduct training for a tool or technology that is specific to their business.

If an emerging technology requires significant restructuring of the existing team, we will hire and allocate individuals with the required skills to the DSEC and arrange for a smooth business knowledge transfer from original team members to new ones.

Onsite Staffing – We recognize the value of – and encourage – on-site work and collaboration. When necessary, we will arrange travel for our team members to your facility – whether it’s a few days or a few weeks.

Relationship Management – We assign a Software Delivery Director to manage each client relationship and work closely with the client’s designated primary point of contact.

The DSEC setup provides increased visibility and control over costs. We invite regular feedback from our clients regarding the DSEC’s overall performance and conduct 360-degree efficiency reviews. We hold regularly scheduled check-in meetings with key stakeholders from both the client-side and First Line Software to identify and quickly resolve any performance or relationship issues. We are flexible and tailor our work process and procedures to meet each client’s requirements.

A mutually agreed-upon Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the quality of the services, terms and conditions associated with each project conducted by DSEC staff. In addition, First Line Software will establish and maintain contingency plans, recovery plans and proper risk control to ensure continued performance.

Infrastructure and Facilities – A DSEC is typically located in a dedicated area or facility, which is branded and set up according to our client’s requirements, their corporate culture, and their security policy and regulations. The dedicated infrastructure (hardware and software) is aligned with the client’s business. If necessary, a dedicated secured VPN channel will be established between the DSEC and client offices.

The Hybrid DSEC model – To address possible fluctuations in required staffing we have designed a hybrid DSEC model that allows significant flexibility in the number of resources assigned to a specific customer. This model accommodates short-term demands for DSEC team staffing as may be required to meet increased development workloads.

You can be confident that establishing a Dedicated Software Engineering Center (DSEC) with First Line Software will provide your company with highly efficient and effective technical resources. In addition, you’ll have a business partner dedicated to working alongside your organization to plan, develop, and implement development projects that achieve your business goals.


First Line Software is a premier provider of custom software development, technology enablement services and consulting with a focus on cloud computing, data management, online media, enterprise content management, and IoT. First Line provides its expert services to companies in North America, Europe and Asia, including Innerworkings, Bonnier Group, Dell Software, and others.

Headquartered in the US, First Line operates multiple software development centers in Eastern Europe and employs 350 staff globally. First Line’s team and company culture is centered on subject matter expertise, technical excellence, and proven methodologies, with a strong focus on Agile. We have broad expertise in mobile development, enterprise applications development, financial systems, loyalty technologies, media solutions, digital marketing,, wearable technology, and embedded development.

The company has been recognized with multiple annual rankings and awards by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), Global Services, and Scrum, Inc. Most recently, research firm Gartner included First Line in their first-ever Market Guide for Technology Integrators (2014) and the Cool Vendor in Applications Services 2015 Report. We are also active members in Object Management Group and Industrial Internet Consortium.

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