First Line Software joins the alliance Intel IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

First Line Software has joined a global alliance for IoT systems developers – the Intel IoT Solutions Alliance. This opens up new opportunities for the First Line to use new technologies and innovative solutions from Intel and other participants of the alliance.

IoT Solutions Expertise

First Line Software has broad experience in developing complex IoT solutions for local and global companies. The company develops software used by devices for data collection, as well as heavy-loaded analytical systems for processing and analyzing big data generated by IoT devices.  

Creating a Smart Parking Lot To Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

The parking lots managed by this smart solution saw an improved rotation of cars in the lot of more than 8%. Their revenues increased by more than 11% per implementation.

Tracking Device Development

Development of a prototype device and accompanying software that enables its users to track their cargo, bag, or package anywhere in the world. The device case is 21×12 square millimeters. The battery life is guaranteed to last from one to three years of continuous use. And what makes this device unique is that it uses two location tracking technologies simultaneously – GSM and GPS.

The Industrial Internet Consortium and OMG Membership

First Line Software actively participates in the industrial Internet of Things development and IoT solutions. It is a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium and Object Management Group, which focuses on connecting different technologies. Their goal is the smooth and effective integration of the digital and physical world.

About the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance

The Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance is a global organization comprised of over 250 technological companies. The main goal of the alliance is joint development of scalable and compatible IoT and machine internet solutions.  Close cooperation with Intel and other members allows companies in the Alliance to apply the latest technologies to their development and allows developers to deliver innovative solutions to the market.

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