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Home Patient Software

Home patient software falls under the broad category of healthcare information technology (HIT). HIT is “the application of information processing involving both computer hardware and software that deals with the storage, retrieval, sharing, and use of healthcare information, data, and knowledge for communication and decision making. Home patient software is designed specifically for patients so that their health can be taken care of at home without any hassle of going to the hospital and the doctors are able to monitor the patients all the time.

Importance of Home Patient Softwares

Medical practices risk falling behind the competition if they don’t pay attention to innovations in medical software as well as technological developments. A major benefit of employing the latest technology in software for healthcare is that we will be able to create a much better experience for the patients.

Today, the application of software or IT (Information Technology) is in every industry.  Highly advanced and automated healthcare software technologies are applied in all the spheres of this industry. Thus, the healthcare industry is also not an exception. Home patient software is very much a necessity for the industry.

The home health agencies need the best software solutions to work under a regulatory environment. The home care agencies need proper home patient softwares that can deal with the challenges of serving the customers with skilled services. 

Advantages of Home Patient Software

Home patient software provides more care to the medically fragile patients. Regular documents with notes of the care flows are generated by the software. The home patient software focuses on the palliation of the patients who are terminally ill. The company staff works on the software together in a team to provide quality care for the patients. The best home patient software solutions are always required by the agencies that treat the patients in their homes or in outpatient settings. The software technology makes the whole treatment procedure flexible under all conditions and environments.

The major applications of IT in the healthcare field include electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), payer-based health records (PBHRs), electronic prescribing and personal health record (PHR).

Home Patient Software Examples

Some of the home patient softwares are listed below:

Homecare Homebase

Homecare Homebase is a cloud-based home patient software made for home health and hospice care. The software streamlines all aspects of running a home health business such as scheduling, routing and patient notes to intake, approvals, billing and payments, and more. Homecare homebase helps share patient electronic medical record data and provide immediate access to patient information. This lets caregivers refind a patient’s plan of care to better meet their needs.

Axxess Home Health

Axxess Home Health Is a home patient software for managing your operations better. This home patient software helps organizations that provide healthcare at home improve their patient outcomes, grow their business, reduce cost, streamline their operations, and remain compliant. All Axxess’ solutions are cloud-based, meaning you can work anytime, anywhere, even offline, with automatic data syncing.

WellSky Home Health

WellSky Home Health (formerly Kinnser Agency Manager) is one of the most widely used home patient software in home health. The software helps increase the efficiency, grow the profit of, improve communication in, and coordinate care for patients in your home health agency. This home patient software optimizes intake, eligibility checks, and calendar management. The charting capabilities enable your team to coordinate care across your agency, to simplify daily schedules, tasks, and documentation for clinicians, and to gain real-time oversight with electronic visit verification. The solution lets you tailor QA to your agency and staff, route documentation automatically, identify OASIS issues in real-time, and stay survey-ready and compliant.

Hospice Tools

Hospice Tools EMR is a home patient software built exclusively for hospice & palliative care agencies. The solution delivers charting, automatic compliance and features to simplify hospice management. Pro hospice features such as its Smart Care Plans, IDG dashboard and bulk dashboard eSigning also available from its native mobile apps, makes Hospice Tools an EMR for teams. With customizable forms and reports that are exportable into multiple formats, Hospice Tools EMR aims to ensure a team’s success. Cloud-based with web access for desktop/laptop & fully-functional mobile apps for Android and Apple devices.

SMARTcar software

SMARTcare software is a SaaS(software as a service) business automation platform for home healthcare providers designed to ensure best practices in care and to elevate patient/caregiver engagement and satisfaction. SMARTcare home patient software uses connected technologies that enable home care providers to organize, optimize and simplify care delivery while saving time and improving outcomes. This platform empowers home healthcare providers to manage the full lifecycle of patient home care, e-validate and adhere to regulatory compliance documentation and fully control the revenue cycle management. This software is suitable for any size home care organization, and features clinical doc, front and back-office functionality, EVV, patient and family portals, predictive analytics and mobile point-of-care functionality.

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