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We continue to present April’s series of healthcare events in the Netherlands. On Tuesday, April 16, First Line’s like-minded partner the Medical Delta network organized its annual conference and launched an ambitious scientific program focused on technological solutions for healthcare.

This research program was officially launched at the Medical Delta Conference at the Delft University of Technology, where around 400 representatives from knowledge institutions, the business community, government bodies, healthcare software development companies, and healthcare institutions came together to talk about healthcare innovation.

Erik Gerritsen, Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, emphasized that the fast-growing healthcare budget of 85 billion euros now accounts for around 30 percent of the national budget. “But it becomes unorganizable even before it is unaffordable,” he said. “If we continue like this, 1 in 4 Dutch people will soon have to work in healthcare”.

Focusing on technological solutions for tomorrow’s healthcare, Medical Delta facilitates research programs and collaborative ventures among leading scientists in the Rhine Delta region of the Netherlands, and between scientists, IT companies like First Line Software and end-users in the cross-sectional domain of healthcare and technology. Furthermore, this collaboration stimulates talent, creates and exchanges knowledge, and accelerates the application of research results in daily healthcare practice.

Medical Delta brings together knowledge and experience from three universities, two academic medical centers and four universities of applied sciences in the province of South Holland. Top researchers from these institutions are working together on technological solutions for sustainable healthcare, from the molecular level to cost reimbursement. As a strong and outstanding scientific and business community, Medical Delta aims to create and exchange knowledge, stimulate and facilitate talent, and accelerate the implementation of research results and innovations in healthcare practice. To achieve this, the collaborative ventures include several living labs, which are real-life settings in which healthcare innovators develop and test new ideas together with end-users.

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