First Line Software Hosts Fourth Annual Global Client Summit in Amsterdam

Mobile World Congress 2018

This year’s Global Client Summit for First Line Software clients was held May 31st through June 2nd in Amsterdam, which is less than one hour’s drive from the First Line office in The Hague. More than 60 participants from different companies, including Optimizely (Episerver), viastore WMS, S7 Airlines, Clinic to Cloud and many others, attended the event.

Starting on June 1st, customer attendees participated in a full day of keynotes and roundtable discussions. Keynote presenters included:

  • Dr. Richard Soley, CEO, Object Management Group and Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium, who spoke about Innovation as it relates to disrupting industries, and Testbeds ‒ specifically how they can be used to initiate, think through and test new technologies, applications, products, services, and processes to validate their usefulness and viability before going to market.
  • Rafic Habib, CEO, Clinic To Cloud, who spoke about his experience with global software product development and how the distributed development best practices of First Line Software contributed to realizing his vision for optimizing medical practice operations that now generate significant cost savings to patients while delivering an enhanced healthcare experience.
  • Joey Moore, Director, Product Marketing at Optimizely (Episerver), who spoke about Digital Transformation and how it is transforming the way some of the largest brands and retailers are achieving their eCommerce strategies and becoming leaders in the digital space.

Later that day, attendees were invited to participate in one of three roundtable discussions covering these topics:

  1. IT Innovation Trends in IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies led by Dr. Richard Soley and First Line Software CEO Nick Puntikov
  2. Global Software Products and Solutions – led by Rafic Habib and First Line Software Senior Advisor, Mike Medaglia
  3. Enterprise Software and Digital Transformation (including ECM and E-commerce) – led by Joey Moore and First Line Software VP David Tedford

In addition to the business meetings that were held, clients enjoyed an evening reception and gala dinner where they could network with First Line Software staff and executives as well as the other attendees and speakers. Customers were also extended opportunities to enjoy sightseeing tours of Amsterdam on June 2nd.

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