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Each month our team attends many EU IT events, to connect with professional associations, partners, government, opinion leaders, and stakeholders. We look forward to the active exchange of ideas and experiences along with the opportunity to extend our cooperation. We have amazing partnerships and are always on the lookout for new opportunities. This article features highlights from three of the conferences we thought were especially interesting and useful.

Annual ECP 2019 Congress Focuses on The Future of the Information Society

Around 800 visitors attended the 22nd edition of the ECP Annual Congress on Thursday, November 14 in The Hague. This year’s conference theme was The Future of the Information Society with sessions that covered topics like artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, ethics and AI, and cybersecurity. What made this conference unique is that the sessions focused on the social aspects of technology such as the potential barriers Digitalization creates in contrast to its transformative effects.

“Everyone must be able to participate. New technologies offer opportunities, but I noticed last year that more and more people are concerned about social issues related to digitization,” says Tineke Netelenbos, president of ECP | Platform for the Information Society.

A key message from the event centered around the need for a collaborative effort from science, business, government, education and social institutions to shape the future of digitizing society. Since technology influences society in all areas it is important for an independent and neutral platform such as ECP to foster this unified cooperation.

Attendees at the ECP Annual Congress represented both private and public organizations that support the Platform for the Information Society’s mission is to develop new ecosystems around digitization issues and to communicate their achievements.

Whether you attended the ECP Annual Congress or not, you can read the ECP report that’s filled with session highlights, photos, a podcast about digitization and ethics, and more. Download the report.

The First Line Software representatives who attended the event were impressed by the intentional discussions around the impact made on society from the proliferation of technology.

The Hague Enterprise! 2019 Focuses on ‘Starting, Growing and Growing Up’

As a follow-up to the first three successful SME Growth Events, the Municipality of The Hague organized The Hague Enterprise! 2019 on Tuesday, November 26, 2019. This event theme was ‘Starting, Growing and Growing Up’.

18 break-out sessions offered inspiration on current topics for entrepreneurs, such as (online) acquisition, video marketing, cyber resilience, doing business abroad and thriving in the workplace. The Hague Enterprise! 2019 was also a valuable opportunity for local SME entrepreneurs to network and gain inspiration from each other. Business associations, business clubs and organizations in The Hague that are willing to help startups grow and be successful made themselves available as part of the networking activities.

Once again, for the fourth time, everyone agreed the event was a great success. First Line Software representatives met with entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities of collaborating on their technology initiatives.

EGG AMS: The Human-Centered AI Conference on November 27, 2019

The Human-Centered AI Conference held in Amsterdam on November 27, 2019 focused on real-world use cases and hot topics like machine learning interpretability, bias, and fairness.

The event explored the ways people are embracing data science, machine learning, and AI, and attracted top companies, academic institutions, and not-for-profits to discuss the future and the intersection of humans and technology. Speakers with real-world experience shared their experiences and best practices which inspired attendees.

Over the past few years, the EGG event series has become one of the preeminent events for the data science community, bringing together a powerful mix of technologists, data scientists, academics, and business leaders. Since its start EGG has expanded with yearly events in Paris, New York, London, Stuttgart, and Amsterdam.

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