First Line Software attends IT and Cyber Security Event in The Hague, part of Five-day Trade Mission

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On Tuesday, November 1st, a delegation of IT & Cyber Security specialists from a number of Eastern European tech companies visited The Hague as part of a five-day trade mission to the Netherlands organized by cybersecurity company LeaderTelecom. The aim of the mission was to strengthen bilateral relations with several Dutch business hubs, to exchange knowledge and promote trade.

With development facilities located in Eastern Europe, First Line was invited to join the delegation and attend meetings in Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

Eastern Europe IT & Cyber specialists Visit The Hague

The program in The Hague started with presentations at the HSD Campus of The Hague Security Delta, the largest security cluster in Europe. HSD’s Deputy Director Joris den Bruinen welcomed the delegation and described the National Security cluster, including the business opportunities it provides as an international hub. After several more presentations and a networking session with HSD tenants, the group continued its program at the World Trade Center (WTC) in The Hague.

InnovationQuarter and the WestHolland Foreign Investment Agency (WFIA) spoke about the IT & Technologies cluster in the West Holland region and informed attendees about the free-of-charge business expansion services it offers to international companies. These presentations were followed by a workshop titled ‘How to do business in the Netherlands’ which included humorous anecdotes about the cultural differences between Eastern Europe and the Netherlands. The delegation finished the day with a historical fact-finding tour through the city of The Hague.


Spam, phishing, hackers and more and more advanced types of cybercrime continue to form a realistic threat to businesses. Infosecurity.nl tackles current IT security issues and is a must for every IT professional. On the 2nd and 3rd of November, the delegation attended the Infosecurity event at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

Along with trade show exhibitions at the Storage Expo and The Tooling Event, Infosecurity.nl provided market leaders, associations, speakers and other IT professionals with the opportunity to share ideas, techniques, services and visions on current IT topics with a focus on the central theme ‘Data Centric World’.

“First Line was honored to participate in this trade mission where we were able to learn more about business opportunities in the Netherlands, exchange ideas and trends, and establish new business relationships”– said VP Business Development of First Line Software

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