The HSD Café: Artificial Intelligence

hsd cafe artificial intelligence

Allowing parties to work together cross-sectorally and working on core challenges with Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How do we do that? And which safety issues do you solve with this? How do we design secure AI solutions?

These were the topics of the HSD Café, which was held on June 11 at HSD Campus where First Line Software traditionally took part as an ongoing partner of The Dutch Security Cluster.

The Artificial Intelligence dialogue on Tuesday, June 11 was based on a case study and presented by inspiring speakers during the HSD Café.

The world is changing fast. That there is a “technological tsunami” is widely recognized. Nonetheless, we are often surprised by rapidly emerging technologies that, in addition to new opportunities, also include new threats that sometimes go far beyond what we could expect based on our past experience. Nobody can predict the precise nature and timing of the major changes and the resulting new risks, but good analyses enable us to explore the range of options and thus prepare ourselves actively for what is to come.

This statement can be seen as a starting point for a process in which the rapid technological developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence are viewed with safety glasses. It served as input for an HSD Café on June 11, and the dialogue was organized around that theme.

The key to using Artificial Intelligence effectively is how people and AI can work together effectively. This has major economic and social consequences for the future. It is therefore important to research and develop algorithms that have built-in properties and make collaboration between people and machines possible, so that they can perform advanced tasks together. To fully address this challenge, a fundamental step in AI development is required. This step starts with the future people-AI relationship. Taking this step also introduces new challenges and opportunities of a multidisciplinary nature.

HSD has drawn up an in-depth background report on Artificial Intelligence: “Understanding the Strategic and Technical Signification of Technology for Security: Implications of AI and Machine Learning for Cyber Security”.

In this way HSD Campus informed its partners such as First Line Software and its stakeholders about the possible security implications of developments in the field of AI.

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