IBM Think Summit 2019 Amsterdam

This is not a typical business conference. With thought-provoking presentations, inspirational stories and interactive participation, attendees leave feeling empowered and inspired to keep moving the needle forward in the IT global community.

The summit was held in Amsterdam on June 13. 

First Line Software’s expert: “IBM Think Summit 2019 is a great place to be. Here you can speak to IBM professionals in AI, Cybersecurity, Blockchain and …. Quantum computing. I personally believe that Quantum Computing is our future and here on the event I was lucky to talk to Q ambassador in IBM. We have discussed current situation in quantum computing world, when it will be available in commercial life. I would say – it is a very close future. Companies, like Shell, have presented theirs solutions based on IBM technologies; developers were able to try IBM technologies in practice. We at First Line Software are always focusing on new technologies / platforms, which could bring new value for our Clients. Therefore being on such conferences is an honor for us”. 

All attendees could explore specific topics and business solutions in the areas of data and AI, cloud and infrastructure, security and resiliency. The summit covered a variety of activities including case study and technical presentations, debate sessions, educational demonstrations, networking, and expert talks.

Participants explored the insights, ideas and innovations in technology developments and how these help solve business and societal challenges in a constant changing environment.

Most of speakers emphasized the importance of AI in our contemporary and future life. One of the case studies’ was about AI – from idea to solution. No doubt we live in a time in which AI is considered the new electricity. Everybody talks about it, but how do you go from an idea to a solution creating real business value? One of the speakers presented how we go through the key steps in this process: choosing the right case, setting up the organization for experimentation, the skills set needed, then zoom into why labeled data is so important and show how different platforms make the perfect combination to create powerful models. They wrapped up by showing a case where all this gets together.

Artificial Intelligence is the key enabler for product and service innovation. However, to put it at work and inject intelligence in existing operational systems, practitioners need to be aware of the challenges and apply the proper methodology. During other of sessions was covered how we can make artificial intelligence operational and how it should fit in companies automation strategy. Automating operational decisions infused with AI is key realize the value of AI. This session was covered how your business processes can take advantage of AI by using the latest innovations in the IBM Digital Business Automation platform and how Operational Decision Manager is evolving toward a more general decisioning platform mixing business rules and Machine Learning.

We highly appreciate all speakers for such a qualified and progressive view of IT-future. See you next year!

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