How does an international software system roll-out work? What part does value chain software play in batch size 1 production? How high are my transaction costs in logistics processes? These and other questions were answered by top-class experts and practitioners including First Line Software at the Software Day of Intralogistics Experts viastore on February 2, 2022 at the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart Germany.

First Line and viastore developed an engagement model that relies on a joint implementation team with transparent communication channels, and a focus on safety and security. Recently completed projects include IT planning/specification development for THYSSEN KRUPP in Spain and the US. A joint team from viastore Spain and FLS were responsible for specification design, and an FLS team lead visited the client site for workshops. In the second phase, Implementation was managed by the FLS Team, and FLS cooperated with the Spain team in integration with hardware. It’s important to note that all aspects of contacts and implementation in this second phase were handled remotely.   

One of the most significant steps in the THYSSEN KRUPP project was commissioning. As mentioned, software testing was implemented remotely, while final testing was handled in-house in Madrid. The FLS team managed the training for the Spain software engineers, and in-turn, the Spain software engineers managed the training for the Thyssen Krupp team in Spanish. It was a multi-stage and complex project for the remote launching of a warehouse system. The work then moved on from Spain to THYSSEN KRUPP’s US facilities with the FLS team fully implementing the project remotely due to the pandemic situation. Today, our knowledge sharing doesn’t require in-person travel from country to country to educate and support our clients.    

Powerful, intuitive software is the key to efficient workflows and greater business transparency. This increases the added value in logistics and production – particularly in the economical production of small batch sizes. Software users and other experts have illustrated what such solutions look like and how they work in practice during the event which is titled, “Productive, International, Networked”. It’s aimed at operations, logistics and IT managers from industrial, retail, and service companies. Industry and best practice experts educate about the latest developments in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) viadat, as well as about the introduction of modern solutions, the replacement of old systems, and a look at future trends. The interactive nature of the Software Day focuses on exchanges with the speakers, viastore partners, and other users as well as on networking. Through an online platform, the digital participants find themselves in virtual rooms and can thus enter into direct dialogs with the experts and other attendees.   

If you are looking for a trusted software development partner who has experience in successfully carrying out a release upgrade, or implementing a WMS system remotely, please contact First Line Software.

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