“What is Peace Tech?” Workshop Held at The Hague Tech

Healthcare Technologies Perspective

On May 15th, Mark Nelson and Margarita Quihuis from Stanford University’s Peace Innovation Lab discussed how the leading edge of human-centric technology can increase the ability of individuals to be good to each other, during the Peace Tech workshop held at The Hague Tech.

The workshop, sponsored by the Peace Innovation Institute, was a call to action for a next-generation focus on improving online and offline human interactions. Anyone with knowledge, resources, and commitment can be instrumental in putting the right tools into the right hands to build the future.

First Line Software has a local presence in the Netherlands and is continuously developing new tools and strategies to promote technological excellence for the future – from global custom software development to new IT markets to artificial intelligence. Company representatives were in attendance at the workshop to learn about how First Line can get more involved in supporting this important initiative.

Together, we build the future!

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